Young Men and Women, Get Busy Out There!


To all of you childless careerist types and bachelors out there, with dreams of having children ‘sometime’ in the future, you may want to think again! According to several new studies, your chances of having a successful child birth (with a normal, healthy child) go way down as you near 30… And drop like a rock as you hit your mid-late 30’s!!! Further evidence also suggests that the rise in autism is not due to vaccinations, but rather selfish/idiotic people (mostly white people) waiting too dam long. Keep waiting with your dick in your hand screaming white genocide you assholes!

Women who want three children should get started at the age of 23 say scientists…and if you want one you shouldn’t delay past 32.

Women who want three children should start having kids by the age of 23, according to scientists. If they are content just to have one child, they shoud not leave it later than 32 for a 90 per cent chance of success. Dutch researchers have created a fertility calculator which predicts the likelihood of building a dream family based on a woman’s age.


It predicts those who want two children should start aged 27 to have a 90% success rate. If they leave it until they are 38, the likelihood falls to less than 50 per cent. ‘For women at the age margins, this could help nudge them one way or another, but we don’t want to force people to change their lives.’ But other experts said women had a very short amount of time to ‘act’ if they wanted to establish a career and also start a family.

Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women, a support organisation for those who are childless through circumstances said: ‘It’s a very tall order. ‘Women have moved into a pattern of work created over the years around men and it’s not really suited to them.

‘Women have a very short amount of time in which to act if they want to go to university, get a job and establish themselves in a profession and have financial stability before starting a family.’ Professor Allan Pacey, a fertility expert at the University of Sheffield said the calculator should be used to enforce the message to girls at sixth form and university to help them plan their lives.

‘Everyone thinks you can wait – this shows you can’t. The table ought to be photocopied and put up on the clinic wall. ‘We should also be aiming this at sixth formers and university students, so that they’re aware of how to plan their life.’

Earlier this summer scientists warned that celebrities who had given birth in their 40s through IVF or donor eggs were giving ‘false hope’ to women. Dr Marta Devesa, of the Hospital Universitari Quiron-Dexeus in Barcelona, told a fertility conference that by the ages of 38 and 39 the success rate was less than a quarter. SOURCE

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  1. You’re in the minority my friend!

    Do you plan on waiting that long?

    I hope not. If you’re 38 at the time of your 1st child, when your son is in the 5th or 6th grade you’ll be in your 50’s.


    1. My father was 46 and my mother in her late 30’s when they had me. I found it hard in my teenage years because they were so much older than my friends’ parents and so far out of touch with the modern world that they felt intimidated by it, and tried to isolate me from it and make me a cuckhold faggot. They were old cranky senior citizens by the time I was in senior years in high school and never let me do anything because they were from that hardline 40’s and 50’s era where raising and teaching your kids wasn’t as important as disciplining them was. I wasn’t allowed to have certain haircuts, couldn’t wear brand name clothing, was scorned for doing muay thai, boxing and weight-lifting, were opposed to me having a mobile phone, couldn’t hang with girls without an argument, etc. Now some may look at some of these restrictions as positive, I for one couldn’t give a shit about brand name clothing, or having a cool haircut, or whatever, as I now understand the role of fashion in the Cultural-Marxists objectives. But as a teenager in school where my mates held me to a high standard and girls were interested in me, there was incentive to be the popular kid. What I found was that more often than not, these popular kids were assertive and confident. The loser kids were weak-minded, couldn’t make decisions for themselves and often timid. I noticed most kids who were good athletes, fighters, assertive, good with girls, knew how to fix and build things etc, more often than not had younger parents. Where as the kids who had social problems, were weak, unsuccessful with girls, played video games all day, etc had old parents. Keep in mind when I started high-school men were still men and feminism was laughed at by women. Unlike today where the popular kid is often a minority, a retard, a faggot, a swag/hipster, dresses like a bitch etc – so in my high school days I wanted to be popular. My parents did everything in their power to stop this, not for my benefit, but because they were past retirement age by the time I was growing up and had that mentality and routine that old people have – wear the same clothes everyday, watch the same tv show on time every night, complain to the manager if another store was selling something for 50 cents cheaper elsewhere, if you’re not in bed by 9pm then there’s something wrong with you, etc. My dad was a teacher but was a script-writer/author outside and would come home from work, not say a single word to my family and just write on his computer, because the mind of elderly people works like a machine rather than the emotional connection to a child younger parents have. Point I am making is that old parents do not make good parents in the sense of being good leaders and role models.


      1. Jesus. You’re dad was a writer/teacher like mine and he tried to make you beta by discouraging you from training. Credit where it’s due he has kept himself in decent shape at least. For me it was somewhat of a feminist issue (with respect I thought that’s 50s generation was suppose to be more masculine). My father wasn’t always a beta but years of my mother tearing away at his masculinity degraded him to the point where he would actually cry. When I see something like that I can’t help but sympathise with those sad men that go get their wives from the Philippines or Thailand (though if you don’t have the balls to dominated a white woman then you don’t really deserve ANY type of woman). The irony is, when a man doesn’t take charge of his wife he actually becomes more aggressive towards others, little dogs bark the loudest as they say. I was raised to be so feminine sometimes I fear it’s too late to fully reverse the process. To be honest I didn’t start manning up until I got involved with Nationalist culture back in 2012 (which resulted in an insanely quick psychological and even physical transformation that still has a long way to go).


      2. Reply to admin. Honestly not 100% sure. Since my folks are very manipulative I’ve had a strong sense of when someone’s bullshitting me. Realising I couldn’t watch a single movie with a holohoax reference made it clear something was going on, Dr Duke was my first initiation. (Sorry to bring up the GD Jew). What really shocked me into it was when my older cousin that had been somewhat of an older brother to me freaked out over me posting one video and to this day forbidding me to see what had more of less been my niece (before I woke up him and his wife declared me to be an uncle).


  2. Anyone that waits that long is taking a serious risk to themselves and more importantly the child. We were done when my wife was 33 our last one and was really nervous during that one.


  3. Most of our women have been brainwashed into having a career and foregoing child birth/rearing. It really is sickening that one income just doesn’t cut it anymore in most parts of the country unless you live in the boonies.


    1. Rich, what in your opinion are some good careers for young men? Obviously it is to our interests that we have our race get married prior to having children, but without the ability to support them, we continue the cycle. I currently am looking at medical school (leaning more now to PA) but that’s 10 years of schooling.


      1. I would recommend finding a trade that you are interested in. I dropped out of college after 2 years of wasting my time meandering around and not knowing what I wanted to do. As a shot in the dark, I took a welding class at a local technical college and instantly found it to be my calling. I now have a full time job after a little over 1.5 years of schooling and make decent money. Welders, carpenters, woodworkers, electricians, plumbers etc etc are all in demand and are very honourable trades and build grit and make you into a man. I would strongly advise you against medical school since you say it is such a long duration. We may not be here in 10 years. It is better off for you to find something practical and useful to learn than to attend classes while the world crumbles around us. Plus, you will save money that you otherwise would have wasted on tuition should you decide to go to medical school and will have that much more to start your family.


  4. I can say I am proud to have found the woman I intend on marrying and who knows the importance of motherhood and family. Unlike the careerists who groan at the thought of “popping” out a mere one or two children, we are planning on having 9 children. This is not because we believe in quantity over quality, but because we love each other and want to live long meaningful lives in the company of those young, idealistic, curious and full of potential little ones that we cherish. We are both 21 years old and have the basic means to start a family: A full time job for me, a car and dedication. Contrary to the conventional Jewish wisdom of today, you do not have to waste 4 to 10 years of your life in the synagogues and have the wife work a full time job in order to have a family. All it takes is some planning, hardwork, personal sacrifice, restraint and budgeting. You do not need to have two cars, a garage, dog and cat, 4 story home and 60 inch flat screen tv. It is amazing how much responsibility a young man (or woman) will take on when they get married and start a family. You suddenly realize what is most important in life. When all is done and you have lived your life, the only thing that will remain permanently in this world are your children and future descendants. It matters not what job you had, personal hobbies or interests you took, how much you made, how much you contributed to charity or what your favorite sports team was. You are that one link in the chain of eternal life and it is a tragedy to see those who refuse to do their part.


  5. Excellent post William. Rich, I nominate this one to be read on a future PTD show, this guy’s got it right on the ball at the age of 21. Great work William!


  6. A trade that services in country such as William states, I would add, heating and A/C (one of the trades I learned, you get to weld,braze (plumbing),electrical, sheet metal, learn hydronics ), the funny thing is you never get to work in a A/c environment and they kiss your ass to get it fixed.

    I know there are still a lot of backyard mechanics but, a good ole grease monkey (auto mechanic ) and body n fender guy will always do well.

    Robotics , design, repair, installation, I see a very competitive but increasing field.

    Don’t laugh but, therapeutic masseuse (large strong hands are needed for the repetitive work and give best massage ) .

    Physical rehabilitation – people will always be hurting themselves, getting to where you can own your own clinic is quite lucrative and needed all over the damn place.

    Local politician, city planners, comptrollers, whew, they wield the power. Most local positions are mainly unopposed. A lobbyist for your community, 26 states entitle you to a state pension for that work, you get to know the movers and shakers as well as make a hell of an impact.

    Veterinarian – they require more medical training than a MD, in other words, my dogs have a better trained and knowledgeable doctor than I do.


  7. I myself am a roofer, started in 1998 right after I came to states from Europe and for past 12 years or so I have been pretty much on my own. I have small roof repairs business, specializing only in roofing repairs, commercial-residential, one man operation and have to say, no matter what the economy is in, I have always been able to make a great living. I encourage everyone and all of you youngsters, look into a construction trade business and don’t be afraid to take the first step to get on you own.

    Only remember one thing, once you learn the specific trade, and start your own business, be good at it, do the job with a joy and pride in it, be the best tradesman out there, be honest, sincere and truthful and don’t be afraid to ask for a top dollar, your reputation will allow you to do that.

    Every single day I deal with homeowners, who are discourage and discussed with contractors, who been burnt and cheated by hiring these scumbags, thief who cares only for quick, shitty jobs and quick profits, with no responsibilities afterwards. Unfortunately the construction industry has been taken over with all kind of low scum immigrants, who after a few years of working as cheap labor suddenly become a general contractor Pro and starts his own business, without liabilities and proper licensing, and gets into business by underpricing all these honest guys and in the same time destroying entire industry by shitty garbage workmanship and labor.

    So start your own, be a tradesman, there will be a need in the future more than ever for a honest man who can fix and repair anything.


  8. My mother was 22 she mad me. Her mother was 21 when she had my mom. My great grandma was 19. I plant to have kids as soon as I have a steady income. The trick is finding the right one but I’m barely out of high school.


  9. One thing is bothering me, in your excellent shows.
    Why are you, constantly, coming down on those who are on the White Genocide message?
    I ask because in my experience, White Genocide, is the only thing that anti-Whites do NOT want to talk about. That makes White Genocide the centre in all my discussion, everywhere.
    I think that you underestimate the power of a consistent message and how big the Genocide law really is.
    Creatively yours.


    1. The “Genocide” that you speak of is at the hands of our own stupid, selfish people. I don’t like how it’s framed. It’s weak… It wreaks of “whoa is me” especially when it’s our own people behind it. Delaying childbirth, not having any children, not taking action in or defending their own communities… I could go on and on.


  10. No, we have a misunderstanding.
    The Genocide that I speak of is an deliberate act, high true treason, by the ruling elite.
    Not some kind of suicide/Genocide by our own “stupid and selfish people”.
    Here is an example: “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.” – General Wesley Clark.
    You can trace it back and find comments like that, said by ruling elite, for over the last 100 years, at least.
    And because of that treason, common White people have been put under the influence of social marxism and other perversions for decades.
    It is like Whites have been put in a pot of water and the temp been slowly and carefully raised.
    Whites are unaware of the root cause and therefore nothing really works in their favour.

    Charging anti-Whites with a crime against humanity, laying the blame on them personally for their actions and consistently pointing out the obvious, White Genocide, is not weak. It is a start.
    Everything that makes our people weak, delaying or not having children, getting hooked on sports and perversion ec cetera can all be linked to the worst run conspiracy ever, White Genocide.
    All the usual excuses, “reasons” or explanation that anti-Whites give are worthless because there is NO justification to Genocide, at all.
    Human rights of one group does not justify the Genocide of another, for example.
    IMHO, White Genocide is the root of all our accumulated problems and the root to our salvation.
    To get fresh water….you go back to the source.
    Creatively yours.
    p.s. the birthrate in Russia is rising because the ruling elite there DID something about it.


  11. Will listen with a pleasure, as always.
    Here is another example that I thought of:

    If you see White countries as a tree, then the US and the EU are two of the branches of the same sick tree.
    Or like we say in a part of our original Mantra:
    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
    Same root disease, only the symptoms are different in each branch, because each branch is different.
    Creatively yours.


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