Our Young Warriors Mastering the Art of Jiu Jitsu


This is what our young men (our warriors) are into, and many of them are mastering mixed martial arts (MMA) in numbers like I’ve never seen before!!! Gyms are popping up all over the place over here, and 99% of the clientele is composed of our young people… The 18-40 crowd, and many fathers are now pushing their sons in even earlier. I love it! Watch the video above as some piece of shit gets put in his place (for disrespecting a woman) by one of our young men outside of a Jujitsu Gym. All you book-writers, hobbyists, and fake intellectuals can step the fuck aside!

3 thoughts on “Our Young Warriors Mastering the Art of Jiu Jitsu

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    That is all they understand.
    The fastest hands on the video game console just don’t cut it.
    The quickest wit or eloquence of an impressive vocabulary, just don’t cut it.
    A strong grapple then hard muscle and bone to venerable points of the body accomplishes a hell of a lot more than a whining video.


  2. Jiu jitsu is good.. catch wrestling is much more pain inflicting, is a more complete system and has european roots. Bjj teaches to defend from your back while catch makes sure you don’t wind up on your back in the first place. Much more dominant..


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