Jacked Calves and Legs!

My Calves!
My Calves!

A lot of guys focus way too much attention on their upper bodies at the gym, ignoring the most crucial components: the core and the lower half. It’s nice to have upper body definition and mass… but core strength and leg strength is where much of your power comes from, and a warrior with true discipline, works on developing those components at least once a week!!!


No I don’t do, nor have I ever done fucking steroids. I’m 100% natural. 

How do we get jacked legs and calves? Personally I train my legs once per-week for about 1-2 hours… I hike every week and throw kicks/knees at a heavy bag! My leg training in a gym primarily involves squats, lunge intervals, leg lifts and the leg press. Another thing I do when I’m not at the gym, wherever I am… In the shower, at work, in the kitchen (wherever)… I do calve raises… Great, easy way to pump up the definition and strength of your lower half! I’ll hit the core on a later post…

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  1. I’m definitely guilty of this, neglecting my lower body. You’ve convinced me now though. That’s why I love this site and your podcasts, these little pushes in the right direction really help, more than I can say.

    I’m going to make it a point to work on my lower body at least once a week now, thanks!

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  2. Just remember; Arms are for SHOW, Legs are GO…

    And make sure to include deadlifts and cleans, as well. These two exercises are crucial for functionality.


    1. Great points Ant, I used to go through extreme much heavier workouts in my teens and twenties, and incorporated dead lifts and cleans, but not anymore at 33. I may have to up the ante a bit!

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  3. Also: Like Rich said, hit a heavybag at least 3 times per week.

    When doing so, pay attention to “sitting on your punches”, which helps you to develop true KO power (GGG style:).


  4. I remember a sunny day a couple of years ago when me and the guys at work bragged about how much we lift and shit, the younger fellows through kicks in the air to prove something, someone flexed their arms and so on.
    Then this short Chilean guy jumped in to the discussion and asked about how big our calves were. The biggest dude said LOOK amigo, rolled up his pants and flexed his calves. The little mestizo looked and said-thats half the size of my wifes.
    And he told the truth, god damn how big and muscular calves she had, like the upper arm of Pop Eye. The sickest thing i’ve ever seen.

    Leg day was a favourite when i trained at the gym.

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    1. Injuries are a real bitch… 1st we rest, then we build ourselves back up slowly, low, low weight high repetition… Then we gradually over time up the weight and drop the reps. At least that’s what I do!


  5. AWESOME RESULTS! Guilty of not working legs enough till last year.
    Hated leg day when I started, Now I cant wait for it seeing great results
    and fast gains starting from zero.

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  6. WE need moral and intellectual strength, not to spend all of our valuable time in a gym, jerking ourselves around, make ourselves look deformed (like the photo above) and pretend that it’s an accomplishment.


    1. Moral and Intellectual “strength” ???

      Because that’s truly served us well in the past!

      Sure… Let’s be moral, let’s be intellectual, let’s write a few more books, and waste more of our time getting weak, fat, soft, and ready for the grave!

      Let’s have a few more conference cocktail parties, let’s put up another message board for the worms and hobbyists out there, let’s “talk” more about the Jewish supermen out there and what they’re doing to us, and let’s ignore our BIGGEST problem here – Enemy #1 – weak white men like you!

      Get off my website you dickless, beta-male pussy… This site is for real men, run along now and go play with the internet nazis out there…


  7. Wolfowitz is right. These days power in our society comes a superior mind. It ostensibly appears in the form of financial wealth, which comes from minds working together with other minds, and fighting yet other minds (i.e. in business). Though physical strength training may be a good start to teach soft whiggers (like me) discipline and dedication, there isn’t much concrete value in looking like a gym rat. Battle isn’t done by wielding a sword these days. It’s done in meeting rooms and court rooms, or perhaps even by sitting quietly at a desk and writing.

    Also remember the patient and dedicated persistence of the skinny pencil-necked Jew-mischling scientists who invented the nuclear bomb while whole armies battled across Europe. One invention of brilliant minds changed the world balance of power, and rendered conventional warfare obsolete.

    So too perhaps an arms race may begin one day with wealthy nerds like Zuckerberg or the Google Jews altering their DNA and turning themselves into Giant indestructible Ubermenschen to enslave us and live like Gods among us.


    1. “One invention of brilliant minds changed the world balance of power, and rendered conventional warfare obsolete.”

      You’ll have to explain that one, because there seems to be a continuous stream of conventional warfare happening since the A-bomb was detonated. It also appears that some rather unsophisticated people held their ground in Afghanistan, exhausting the resources of the greatest technological military force the world has ever known. All nuclear weapons have done is made instantaneous mutually assured destruction possible. End result: men still have to be prepared to fight.
      Beyond that, real life happens in physical space and reality. Day to day real world violence happens. I saw where a white guy, a medical researcher in a Phd. program in Alabama, was robbed and beaten to death by a couple of the usual suspects. The superior mind did not win that “random” encounter and keep him alive. If you aren’t using the superior mind to at least enhance situational awareness and act on it according to assessment, then you are merely food for predators, even if really smart food.

      But aside from the more grim reasons to cultivate physical vitality, there is also the simple justification that life is better in a strong and healthy body. The mind is sharper, the stress levels dissipated, and well, there is of course the sex life. You can look at a the view from atop any mountain in the world on the internet, but you can’t experience the euphoria of climbing it, being there, feeling the wind on your face, and smelling clean air. The same applies to many things in the physical world.

      So you don’t want to be a swollen gym rat, well, good news, you don’t have to be to be in incredible shape and seriously strong. You don’t even have to go to a gym. In fact, you can get far stronger than the average man in the space of a jail cell. Programs like “convict conditioning” work, and you won’t get huge. In my world, I see a lot of gym rats get disabused of their notions of being powerful, capable individuals. It is a sight to see a man who is clearly massively strong, get choked out by someone 60-70 lbs lighter, with the latter barely breaking a sweat. It happens. However, once that gym rat acclimates to the physical demands of grappling, and learns some technique, size and strength becomes a deciding factor again.

      The bottom line is, it isn’t an either/or scenario. If you want the most out of life, it seems clear that maximizing all of our attributes, as individual human beings, is the path to life lived most abundantly, and your people are better when you are at your best. Consider a special operations soldier: these guys are measured as individuals in a highly competitive atmosphere of extreme mental and physical rigor. It is that way because the group or unit is stronger when it is made up of the highest quality of individuals, rigorously vetted by tests of physicality, intellect, and will. Set the standards high, live a good life, and be a benefit to your people. What else is there?


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