Make Pumpkin Seeds an Essential Primary Snack!


While other sites are focusing on World War III, ridiculous conspiracy theories, international non-sense, and how hopeless we truly are… I’m spending my time here doing whatever I can to empower people. And for you men out there that need to boost your testosterone (and that’s about 99% of all men in the western world), you need to lift weights and eat the right foods that boost it naturally. One of the foods I eat regularly as a snack is sprouted pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are incredibly powerful, and provide you with vital nutritional benefits, one of which is boosting your testosterone! 

Rich in vitamins B, C, D, E, and K… Pumpkin seeds should be a part of everyone’s diet. They’re loaded with calcium, potassium, niacin, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and most importantly for you men out there ZINC and MAGNESIUM. It’s also extremely rich in tryptophan, a brain chemical that regulates your mood and promotes feelings of calm and relaxation!

Pumpkin Seeds have also been scientifically proven to help improve bladder function, prevent the formation of kidney stones, prevent liver disease, protect cardiovascular health, relieve arthritis, detoxify the body and blood, target harmful parasites in the gut, relieve anxiety and promote excellent sleep!!! (Source)

7 thoughts on “Make Pumpkin Seeds an Essential Primary Snack!

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  1. What do you think of the claims in this article Rich?:

    I have trouble making heads or tails of whether nuts and seeds are good or not, or kind of good kind of bad, or whatever. There seems to be very conflicting viewpoints on them. They are delicious though. Used to eat them all the time, especially raw pecans, but then I got paranoid about this ‘PUFA’ and ‘phytic acid’ and whatnot.

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    1. IMO it entirely depends on the nut and/or seed in question, as some are more beneficial than others. Almonds and sunflower seeds are highly overrated, and even though they taste amazing, cashews are at the bottom of the chart!

      The argument over Phytic acid is overblown unless you’re eating a fucking pound of nuts everyday, even then I’d question the supposed “risks.” And the rest of the argument goes that because nuts and seeds have a protective property (a shell) they shouldn’t be eaten. I find that to be ridiculous! We’d then have to ban shellfish, certain fruits and plant based foods, some of which have protective features as well. I hate when idiots use that argument!

      Furthermore, I’d murder someone if I couldn’t have an oyster ever again!

      As far as Nuts are concerned I eat Raw pecans, walnuts, and macadamia nuts. I don’t eat them by the cup full, I have a handful, every now and then! Great snack!

      As far as seeds are concerned… I eat sprouted Pumpkin seeds quite often, I love throwing them in a salad or just as a quick snack. I use flaxseed for occasional cooking and in a shake every now and then.

      That’s the extent of it!


      1. That makes sense, thanks.

        I’m going to try some of these organic pumpkin seeds for sure, they look delicious.

        Too bad I moved out of my old house in Louisiana where I had an actual pecan tree in my yard. That was amazing, I’d have gallon bags of fresh pecans in my freezer year round (thanks to my wonderful wife who would go out and pick them up a few hours a day when I was at work during the season, even though she didn’t even eat them!). So I used to eat those ALOT, I always knew not to eat too many at one time though, just a handful a day or so.


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