PTD Radio: Episode#23


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #23

***For my Legionaries***

On tonight’s show we focused our attention on the need for a transformation of the alternative right, and creating a united media platform that’s monetized and professionalized. We also talked about the responsibility of our women, the actions and reforms that we need from them. Briefly we discussed the brilliance of Ann Coulter and how she continues to smash these beta-Cucks and #WeakWhiteMen on a weekly basis. I read a listener email from the States and spent some time on a topic I called “A Man Among Boys.” And finally we had a “Bringing back our History” segment with a provocative quote to end the show. All of this and more… The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

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  1. Powerful message once again Rich.

    Beautiful kid you got there, he’s getting Big man!

    You can better believe that I will fight and die for his future and my children’s future.


    1. We all have to prepare ourselves for it (death) and not fear it! It’ll probably be a future topic, and yes, I reached that point sometime ago. It can actually help dissapate anxiety and depression if you’re someone that struggles with that… both of which (in their basic forms) are a fear of death!


  2. Powerful, Direct, Concise, on target, and straight to the point. Just look at the queers and beta losers in that picture next to that beautiful blue eyed boy. I was never a real fan of Ann Coulter but I’m liking her more and more as she has seemed to have lost her filter lately. BYW my ex wife fit your description perfectly of what has happened to our women. Think Peg Bundy only with a bigger mouth and an ass/gut that just kept on getting bigger and more disgusting. She’s probably 300 lbs now. Word to the wise young men reading this: Always marry younger.


    1. Yes but it has to go both ways, I married an older man some odds years ago and he’s the one that turned into a fat slob tv watching football addict.


  3. Good luck removing the hobbyist losers. I’ve been at this long time and these types ain’t going nowhere. Go read the Daily Stormers comment sections for ex if you can tolerate it. It’s worth the laugh if you have the time, just don’t take any of them too seriously.


      1. Unfortunately I agree with Eric here Rich, these fucking losers won’t DO anything but bitch bicker complain and point out the Joo Boogie man under the bed that won’t let us do anything about it.


    1. The hobbyist retards over there are way too busy debating Hitler and the 3rd Reich to do any kind of self-reflection or practical activism.


  4. On the road you help me along these trips, the radio stream is a great addition. I listened 7 hours straight with my drive up from Va.

    I’ll be sending a Christmas present.

    Go buy the little guy something from Uncle Pauly


  5. Rich good show! you mention our young men should pump iron and get into mixed martial arts.their isa good book called convict conditioning by paul coach wade,it is about building real brute strength through body weight can get it at is a lot of good imformation on building real strength and tendons .also try to get some of these young men to look for a street lethal martial art that deals with weapons and multiple assilants.again good job.


  6. Killer points again! Start today make the change. “Self Control and Discipline” are the keys, follow this and everything else will fall in line. Outstanding segment on our past warriors, I will be enjoying future coverage thoroughly.


  7. Excellent job covering our women, and it’s really a shame that we need to ask them to take on yet another they’re not built for: Leading. But considering how sad our men truly are, we need some good ole shaming from the opposite sex. Maybe that’ll get their attention a bit more?


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