PTD Radio: Episode#25


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #25

***Identifying the Real Problem***

On today’s show I talked about our slip ups during the Holiday season. The true “religion” of America, what it is, and why we need to actively resist it. Why some of us need to reevaluate our views and expectations of whites in the western world, and the FACT that we are now fighting against an extremely infantile population. Along with a few quick news stories about what social & cultural Marxist lunacy leads to… Enjoy! The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

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3 thoughts on “PTD Radio: Episode#25

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  1. Just look at the complete idiots in that picture, they all look like they’re on drugs and psychiatric meds, even the kids. But I agree, satire, mocking, shaming, embarrassing, you name it. Whatever it takes to get them away from this.


  2. This has gotten so out of control with these people, I have a good job, but between debt loans, bills, my mortgage we barely scrap along, and these people strut spending like they just hit the poor mans lottery. Sick


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