PTD Macro-Nutrient Essentials


Originally I had planned on doing a video from the supermarket, highlighting what I buy vs. the average American consumer, what they shop for and eat. However, because of time restraints I was only able to take a few snap shots of what I came home with yesterday. In addition to the grass-fed beef above, here’s some of what you’ll find in my home. 

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  1. Looks like your paleo. I’ve eaten paleo for several years now. I find it stressful because its time consuming…there are no connivence foods such as sandwiches to go, etc. To solve this I cook all my food for the week on Sunday night. I also have a stash of Nicks Sticks in my car and computer bag. I also travel with apples and cheese.

    Rich, I can tell you are a busy guy…how do you manage to eat paleo? What are your tricks?


      1. Yes Sir!

        But I actually enjoy cooking too, I don’t look at it as another job. And I came to the realization some time ago that food should be seen as fuel. Pleasure leads to glutinous behavior and binge eating, switching the mind frame, will switch the behavior.


    1. I don’t eat Paleo, pretty close though. Only major difference is fat intake. Depending on the week… 50-60% of my caloric intake comes from fat, around 30% from protein, and 10% carbs mostly all in the form of green veggies. I don’t eat much fruit, my son loves strawberries, those are for him.

      I’m strictly a Keto guy, the Ketogenic program fits my lifestyle, and has given me the best results… Especially with mental clarity.

      On my 1st show of the new year (Tomorrow or Wednesday) I will be discussing Health, Diet, proper Nutrition and supplementation.


  2. I will look into Keto diet. Please refer a few websites your next show.

    I’ve been working out 3 days a week for about 6 months, while I’m gaining muscle, I’m not dropping in fat. I have a huge apatite, but get too hungry if I cut back. I’ve been thinking about cutting back on fat due to its high calories…I know its not as bad as carbs but…Maybe you could address during your show.

    Also, I learned to render lard and tallow…awesome for frying. No negative heart affects like Crisco, vegetable oil and other synthetics. Heart problems are epidemic in Easter Europe, but everyone fries EVERYTHING in vegetable oil…only time I’ve ever had french fries cook in a pot of oil followed by eggs POACHED in the same oil!

    Marcus is right about a wife. Mine has helped A LOT! I’m learning to offer appreciation every time she takes on a feminine role. And that if I start acting like a Beta-male she responds by taking up my masculine slack.


  3. But Rich, the Jews are forcing me to eat Tombstone Pizza and Doritos! I can’t help it!!
    No seriously, love the practical approach and perspective you give. You offer some much needed tough love and guidance for the confused and dysfunctional mess that Whites as a whole have become today. Looking forward to hearing the podcast in the New Year.


    1. Bottom line Pete, let’s face it bro, this is where it needs to go! No one else, not one website or radio show out there is doing what I do. They do not see the BIG picture, they have a hobby, and push a proven failed approach, with not a single tangible goal in site. They create these cult-like followings and attract a bunch of shit, useless fucks and Losers that don’t want to do anything but bitch, bicker, and fight all day long! You won’t get that here brother. Thanks for the kind words!


  4. Also, keep this in mind, all these fucks that used to sing my praises… not one of them, has contacted me here or through email to collaborate, or even to debate me on these issues. Not ONE! Which tells me they know I’d crush them, and more importantly, it tells me they’re not serious! It’s amazing how much stupidity there is on the Internet, how many fragile egos… makes me glad that I don’t have any attachments. Hence, this is why I’m in the beginning stages of building a New Movement here.


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