Building Strong Families and Raising Healthy Children!


Our kids grow up so fast… it flys right before our eyes! The time and effort we put in during the early years are so critical it can’t be emphasized enough. In the coming months, as we’ve done in the past… relationship issues, raising our children right, and keeping our families intact will become a constant theme on this website and radio show. Restoring the family, improving our marriages, encouraging young folks to date and have children, and maintain  strong family values is vitally important. It has to be a HUGE part of what we do here at PTD. Read about the rest of our values and core principles in the recently Updated About Section! 

Here’s a little sample of something I wrote a few years ago, at another website:

Putting off Marriage and the Modern Man

By the time a young man is either out of college or well into his late 20’s or early 30’s, you would think, or at least assume that at some point, he’d be looking for a stable girlfriend or future wife.

Unfortunately, the modern “man” of today falls rather short in that regard. Instead of finding that special someone and starting a family, many of these perpetual teenagers are still having fantasy’s of reliving dorm-room life, and sport fucking every desperate whore they can get their hands on. How many of them actually live out their fantasies? Very few.

Many of our young men are perfectly content playing video games in moms basement, jerking off to porn, and eating sandwiches all day long. As they continue to just sit back and watch life go bye.

Many of these misguided young men believe that marriage kills your sex life and that you’ll never experience sexual variety again.

First of all, outside of jerking off 3 times a day, most men who aren’t married don’t have sex lives. Let’s get serious here. Don’t act like the pussy patrol is knocking down doors to get their hands on all of these single guys out there, hanging out in mommy’s basement. We all know they’re not! So that argument doesn’t hold up.

The brutal truth is that Millennial idiots, these emasculated pathetic panty-waste losers all parrot the same lines… as they tell each other not to settle down, and that having a wife and children is not desirable. Sure, wait till you’re 40 years old asshole.

Don’t get married now…

If you do, you may regret it.

You never really know your partner, their real inner-self, or innermost thoughts and feelings.

Later down the line, they may change, and you may change. You might grow apart. You might become incompatible.

What if your spouse becomes a monster?

What if you no longer love them?

What if you love someone else?

You can’t know what’s going to happen down the line, so why make unrealistic promises? All of these stupid hypothetical what ifs can apply to anything in life.

Secondly, what kind of idiot jumps into a marriage without knowing the person? Anyone considering a marriage should live with that person for at least a few months before making the next move. Any semi-intelligent, mature person can determine after a few months of dating and living together if a relationship and/or future marriage can work.

The truth is that marriage does make you happy, it gives you a sense of security and accomplishment, and a promise of a future with someone you love and someone you’ll hopefully bring beautiful children into this world with. Putting off marriage is completely idiotic, and not having children at a reasonable age (reproduction) is suicide!

Economic motives and concerns also seem to weigh heavily on the minds of our young men, on whether or not to get married or have kids. People think that it will drain them of their resources and financial security. Really? Try living out on your own as a single bachelor paying for everything on your own. See how well you do. Add up all of your bills and figure out how economically secure you really are by yourself idiot.

The fact is that you’re not. And in this modern society where both genders work, bringing in two incomes into a household makes life much easier and bearable. And when it comes time to have children, you plan for a year and make sacrifices if you have to. You go without vacationing for a few years, you eat at home more frequently, you cut back on buying idiotic/stupid shit you don’t need, you wear the same clothes for a few years, you rely on immediate family, friends, and extended family to help you out (if any of this is necessary). It’s not that hard folks. Start acting like a REAL MAN. Develop Power through Discipline, and let’s start building some strong families out there!

7 thoughts on “Building Strong Families and Raising Healthy Children!

Add yours

  1. Good points….
    But young men with loser attitudes are only HALF the story….Most young women are just as bad or possibly worse….We know the story with the girls ….A different bang partner every 6-12 months until they hit the wall (this type of women is a dime a dozen)….After these girls have been serial banging for a few years they are worth garbage and CAN’T ever bond with a normal man…..
    I encountered one of this type last week (cute looking, late 30’s)…I wouldn’t even think about messing with that type….Bad vibe…no innocence…PUKE!!!!
    Disgusting isn’t it?….
    If you don’t get a girl before she’s been out serial whoring around for years you’re in for a rude awakening….


  2. People are starting to despise marriage because it call for self-sacrifice. People are becoming more self-centered and even narcissistic…the birth of the Alpha-bitch and the Douch-bag!

    But if you put your spouse first in all things you build true love and a happy home. But first you must find a quality women (or man).

    Its true, women complain they can’t find a decent man and vice versa. Many people think they will settle down one day and marry someone decent…but the question we must ask ourselves is, “Would a decent person want to marry me?”

    My advice to young people is don’t waste your time dating and being a playboy. Wait until you are ready for marriage…work hard, build yourself up. Then focus on finding a wife, not a fuck…This get laid attitude is the degenerate culture we are trying to fight against.

    Its hard to find someone decent, but hold out, search hard, stay available so you can go for the right one when you find her. Remember its not about “getting the girl” its about “getting the RIGHT girl.”


  3. Ah, what a cute kid, he’s fortunate I am not around, he’d be running to hide when ever he saw me coming because I would pinch those cheeks.


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