Wake Up You Idiots! Start Addressing the REAL Problem.

The Weak White Male Problem

All these websites and radio shows and video channels out there, but not one, not ONE… with the lone exception of PTD, that addresses the REAL Problem! All you cry babies and hobbyists out there chasing down Woody Allen all day long, “researching” the latest and greatest conspiracy “theory”, repluging news stories from other websites with weak headlines and childlike humor, blaming our women, and ignoring our main problem -> #WeakWhiteMen… WTF are you doing exactly? 

And you idiots out there that spend countless hours on these other websites, hanging out in these comment sections, WTF are you doing?

How, exactly is this going to EMPOWER our young men, and men in general out there?

Oh I don’t want to empower myself, I don’t want to talk about the REAL problem, I don’t want to do any self or collective reflection.

I just want to continue to follow and take advice from a bunch of childless intellectuals, and hang out with other hobbyists that specialize in the excuse making business. That’ll get us somewhere!

I want to hear the excuses, I want to listen to soft radio with dead end topics that never produce ONE tangible solution or achieve any goal.

I want to read stories with goofy headlines all day long that focus on distractions, and not the REAL problem, #WeakWhiteMen.

Where the fuck are our leaders out there? Where are they? I don’t see many at all.

There’s only one real man leading the charge right now. And most of you don’t even realize that he’s calling you out, that’s right, YOU as the #WeakWhiteMen you are today.

You’re part of that soft crowd he talks about, when he says “America’s gone soft.” You’re part of that damn crowd! YOU are the REAL problem.

But no… we’ll continue to get headlines of “migrants” doing this, and “migrants” doing that, and all these whoa is me, they’re too powerful weak ass headlines, and if Americans only knew the “truth” and if we could only expose them to it, we’ll continue to “WIN”?

Number 1: YOU are not winning shit!

Number 2: No one important takes you seriously!

Number 3: A Great Man, and a Great Leader like Trump would want nothing to do with you!

Go ahead white man, keep lying to yourself, keep saying yeah… well who pushed it on us? Don’t EVER ask the question of why are we buying into it?

Until we face and conquer the REAL problem in the west, #WeakWhiteMen, nothing can ever be truly WON.



52 thoughts on “Wake Up You Idiots! Start Addressing the REAL Problem.

Add yours

  1. C’mon Rich, you guy’s from Jersey are jew assets, Well, let’s hear what our Jewish hero Louis Beam has to say about it. Shall we……………………..


      1. I’ll SHUT YOU UP (the same way I saw Mel Gibson shut one of YOU up) with a SINGLE QUESTION…..
        In other words:
        SHOW YOUR CARDS …JEW!!!!!


      2. I’ve seen a bunch of your posts here, why I don’t know? In almost every post you’re calling someone a Jew. I’m almost 100% positive that this SaintQuinn is a New York City Jew. Why the obsession? Either that or you have some weird fetish.

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      3. You say you’re into solutions. Here’s a start.

        Make a section here with:
        -Ghost Wolf podcasts from Tom Metzer’s website (temporarily down though) – action tactics hardly anybody knows
        -stuff like this – http://nightops.net/library.php
        -detailed instructions on web tactics, like http://privacytools.io/

        Start reading military tactics books. I mean making them into audiobooks, like Ghost Wolf guy did. Not just talking we gotta be this and that, but detailed step by step instruction on how to. Articles about police interrogation tactics, what to expect and how to evade it (don’t talk! for many is not enough even if repeated all the time). Dave Grossman On Killing article. Insert audio titbits from police training videos. Etc.

        Just saying we gotta be bad and once we are our enemies will run away is NOT enough. It’s obvious and we all know it. The hard part is HOW. Expand on the few ideas above and you’ll make a HUGE step forward.

        And stop baying at each other because of those damn choo’s. It’s rediculous, makes you look like little children.


  2. Sorry but the “Weak White Male” syndrome is only the RESULT/SYMPTOM of
    “alien controlled” media’s bigger agenda ….
    Targeted White males (consequently the mud watching as well) are “socially engineered” into being faggots….
    It’s like trying to treat a “cold” caused by a vitamin C deficiency with antibiotics by only acknowledging the “symptom” ….

    On another note:
    I’ll be watching the big annual game next week for only 2 reasons….
    To note the progressive:
    1) Degradation of Whites (especially White males) in TV commercials to elevate the “superior” cool, hip negro showcased in the commercials…Usually the hip masculine negro is depicted bossing around either a dumb “fat slobs” or “skinny whimpy” stupid white guys….

    2) The RACE MIXING AGENDA…. I want to see how many great commercials show a “strong masculine, brilliant, take-charge negro” with his dumb, inferior WHITE whore sperm receptacle….

    I’m sure at least HALF the commercial will fit one of these 2 categories….

    It’s “jew mandated”……(of course)….

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    1. Since you already know what it’s about, why bother watching? You get some kind of sick pleasure from it? Is this like the mindset of a literal cuckold?

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      1. Aww…You CAN’T READ?
        If you were able to READ you would have noticed that I WROTE:
        To note the progressive:
        1) Degradation of Whites (especially White males) in TV commercials to elevate the “superior” cool, hip negro showcased in the commercials…Usually the hip masculine negro is depicted bossing around either a dumb “fat slobs” or “skinny whimpy” stupid white guys….

        2) The RACE MIXING AGENDA…. I want to see how many great commercials show a “strong masculine, brilliant, take-charge negro” with his dumb, inferior WHITE whore sperm receptacle….

        I will watch this to note how “the chosen” are progressing EVERY YEAR with their
        White race destruction agenda…..(hasn’t anyone else noticed?…….NAH!!!!!)

        And you OTHER FAGGOTS…When did I write that I ever watch niggerball?


    2. This guy just exposed himself, he’ll be watching the nfl that is all you need to know. Weak white man for sure. Everybody is socially engineered, sure they don’t have a choice, they are forced to watch it. What a joke you are.

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    3. -Sorry but the “Weak White Male” syndrome is only the RESULT/SYMPTOM of
      “alien controlled” media’s bigger agenda ….”

      Maybe but only weak white men fight til death to stay sick.


    4. San Quentin

      PTD is part of the Alt-Right which is an all-encompassing label for the resistance to liberalism, Cultural Marxism and degeneracy. The focus of PTD is to identify and rectify internal weaknesses of the European man and society. Another faction, The Daily Stormer, focuses on the consolidation of news and information regarding external threats.

      Others such as @ricky_vaugh99, @cuckservative, and /pol/ have gone on the offensive and directly challenged, and trolled many of our enemies. Their effectiveness can be seen with the increase of restrictions placed on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, and Disqus. These restrictions were passed onto everyday users prompting them to use alternative media platforms which have lowered corporate profits and influence.

      When Donald Trump retweets a message from an Alt-Right member with the handle of @whitegenocideTM and it catches worldwide attention the sites people should see are the ones that academically and realistically outline the issue in a way palatable for the average person like http://whitegenocideproject.com. Not a ghetto website filled with conspiracy nuts, fat basement dwellers, and old crybaby book writes telling them to do their own research and donate money.

      When an individual wonders why their community is going to shit, why they are unhappy, or why they can’t find a girlfriend they need to turn to sites like PTD; motivational confidence building sites which promote self-reflection and the rejection of weak white men. It is designed to help boys turn into men because their fathers and their community couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. By turning them into European Gladiators with a strong moral compass it allows them to throw off the Jewish media shackles, reject political correctness and take back control starting with themselves, their family, and their community.

      Step away from Storm Front and read March of the Titans. Jews are an issue but they did not cause the down fall of the ancient Aryans in Iran, Afghanistan, northern India, North Africa, South or North America. It was the societal policies of greedy, incompetent, weak white men who allowed the down breading of their race, poor alliances, and population replacement within their lands. The same is happening today.

      Rich is doing his part and is covering a much needed void. If you wish to do the same run for local office, subvert the system in favor of the European Man, and exploit the gap for further strong white men to follow.

      If you don’t or can’t understand this concept then you are basically a beta male faggot on basic bitch status.


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  3. Incredible Rich, absolutely incredible. And inspirational too. Something that hits to the core of the issue so unapologetically and calls out the REAL problem without hesitation, is refreshing. You are DEAD right, and it’s beautiful to read the truth for a change.

    These news sites talk about the problem, whoop-de-doo. How do we get past it? How do we solve it? “Look, they are still using the holocaust to push their agenda”… “Look who are pushing the migrants on us AGAIN”… “Look who is saying we are evil in the media”… Yes, How do we solve it?! “Tell your friends, wake up the sheeple”… How will THEY solve it? “They’ll tell their friends and soon enough people will know” Great, what will we all do to solve it?! “Shhh, just read this article, they’re at it AGAIN those jews, come comment about it” That’s all they have. THAT’S why we aren’t winning.

    This dickhead in the comment above is a classic white excuse maker. Like these single mothers of today who say ‘how did I know my son would become a criminal, boo hoo, I tried to raise a good boy’ after she’s had infinity criminal boyfriends act as temporary male ‘role-models’, been smoking crack in front of him, plopped him in front of films about FukDaPolice at age 6 as a cheap babysitter, and generally taught him no respect or responsibility.

    This is the same diseased class of people as the weak fathers, who give their daughter a smartphone at age 11, and a tv in her room, so she can watch sex & the city and listen to degenerate music while sexting all her classmates, and then wonder why she’s a slut who later gets pregnant to some loser who does a Houdini. It’s getting to the stage now where they dont even wonder why, it’s just agiven that girls ‘make mistakes’ and become pregnant by some asshole who disappears, and she is patted on the back for raising a criminal using other people’s money!

    This is the same diseased people that say ‘its not my fault my kid is fat, its all the crap they put in macdonalds these days’… Well why the hell is your kid eating that crap? Because you FEED it to them! Why are white people growing up hating their race, and loving the anti-white, pro-gay, anti-family media agenda? Because you plop your kids in front of it and pay for the privilege! How DARE anyone blame the jews for how white society is turning out, while its white people who continually open up their wallets for second helpings!! It’s like blaming macdonalds for the fat kid. It’s the sick fuck, weak parents who REFUSE to take charge and enforce a more wholesome way of life, and teach proper values.

    And to the idiot commentor above me, what good is you watching sports and ‘noting the problem’? We know so clearly what the problem is! How do you say we shall solve it? By making notes?!

    It’s all, let me say that again, it’s ALL, the same problem. Weak, white, excuse makers. What good is a ‘media agenda’ against a family that spends its time together, playing, eating, talking, praying, all the things families used to do before everyone thought it was normal to stare into a screen for 17 hours a day? Beam (in the video posted by Northpal) and you, Rich, have got it exactly right. The time of the excuse-maker is over.

    “There is no Jewish dominance… There is only White Submissiveness”

    The solution is for whites to become strong, as individuals, as families, as a race, as a culture, again. Enforce traditional values (that means really enforcing them, it doesn’t mean doing it when its convenient and comfortable, or when their isn’t a game on, otherwise ‘hey kids lets go to macdonalds, and here is a tv and a smartphone each, go watch porn and poisonous shit’ – it DOESN’T mean that), raise healthy children who want nothing to do with the filth on the tv and social media but want to make strong families, and STOP BEGGING TO EXIST.


    1. WHICH GROUP controls the SUBVERSIVE, DESTRUCTIVE media propaganda that everyone consumes?
      By the way…the jews sometimes destroy THEIR OWN….
      As a kid we had a jewish neighbors…the Steins….
      Helene (looked like Lauren Bacall) & Milton, Son Alan, gorgeous blonde daughter Leslie…
      Alan ODs dead age 18
      Soon Leslie age 15 starts banging a dirty vile disgusting spic age 25, becomes a drug addict and
      finally ODs dead herself 30 years later in her early 40’s….


      1. Oh they control it, oh they’re subversive, oh we’re so helpless. Hey you weak fuck, turn off the tv and cut the cable asshole. You want to take notes on the game and the commercials and torture yourself with the problem again? What a stupid loser you are.

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  4. Dan ~ The leaders here are now assets of the enemy. They are unfortunately producing another lost generation.

    Good salesmen leave losers such as these and their followers behind. It’s sad. ~ Bob


    1. Ah look who it is the senile old crazy drunk Bob the lonely Jew chaser in DC. Rich, what did I tell you about this guy from day one? I warned you and your cousin years ago about this nut. Bob and his Jew obsessed cranks are born losers.

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    2. Let Bobby in DC go play with the other paranoid seniors in the retirement center. They can all yell at each other call each other Jews, as they sit there drooling eating soup, with poop in their pants. Rich is doing Gods work here, but it’s not for old fools like bobby.


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  5. I agree with everything you wrote in that piece, white men are their own worst enemy. Men in general, but white men especially have become the biggest sissy boys on planet earth. The men In this video are no exception.

    By the way I sent in a donation, how/when do I get the passcode thanks.


    1. My Stance?

      I didn’t know I needed a formal position.

      But since you’re new and haven’t followed my work, past or present, let me explain.

      I don’t see them all as being the same.

      However there are certain traits, genetic characteristics that are typically Jewish.

      I see them as an ethnic group, not as a religion, or as a race, but as an ethnic group with strong ties to their community.

      My problems with Jews are:

      -putting loyalty towards Israel and the Jewish people over everything else outside of family, but then condemning white folks for attempting to do the same.

      -they’ve spearheaded and led nearly every subversive cultural Marxist movement in America and the west.

      -not all, but most have advocated and lobbied for wars in the Middle East that have been entirely against our interests, sacrificing the lives of Americans.

      Lastly, their presence among European people’s and within Christian nations has only lead to chaos.

      Jews as a whole, do not, and will not (not now or ever) share the same norms, attitudes, values, work ethic, standards of conduct and/or behavior especially in finance, government and the business world. In that regard, they are an entity on to themselves.

      However, the FACT that 2% of the population could have so much influence, doesn’t say much about White Europeans/Americans now does it?

      It doesn’t say much about the “Men” in our societies now does it?

      What it tells me is this:

      The problems of today are a direct result of Weak White Men that don’t DO anything about them!

      -The Men in our societies did not defend Traditionalism and they sure as hell didn’t defend Patriarchy

      -The Men in our societies did not raise strong families, or strong children, or strong anything! In fact many of them became dead beats, who were/are drug addicted, alcohol addicted, porn addicted, tv addicted, junk food addicted, sports addicted, gambling addicted you name the vice they got a ton of them, and they became and they are #WeakWhiteMen

      -The Men in our societies did not protect our institutions nor did many of them get involved in local activism, local politics, they didn’t run for elected positions at the town, county, or state level. So criminals, commies, and WeakWhiteMen filled the void.

      -The Men in our societies did not self reflect, they didn’t look at collective health and improvement. They left that to the schools the doctors and the tv.

      -The Men in our societies didn’t pay any attention to Health, Diet, Fitness, & Nutrition. They left that to the pill pushers and “doctors” and psychiatrists.

      -The Men in our societies did not Emphasize the importance of REAL Spirituality and almost none of them demanded a return to manly traditionalist forms of Christianity.

      -The Men in our societies did not defend our glorious history, our achievements, our traditions, our cultural celebrations!

      -The Men in our societies did not attack feminism, in fact they courted these monsters, gave in to all their shit and even knocked up these out of control animals and reproduced with them! WTF???

      -The Men in our societies did not smash cultural & social Marxism, they politely adapted to their new environment.

      -The Men in our societies did not attack the degeneracy in entertainment, TV, movies & music. In fact they’ve spent trillions funding it and pumping into their homes and the minds of their children. The average child is exposed to 20,000 fucking commercials per year. Per year!!!

      -The Men in our societies did not show people how to unplug, or give them alternatives… Nor did they raise our young men to be Mature, responsibile, masculine men capable of leadership!

      -The Mothers in our societies did not preach the importance of motherhood to their daughters. They told them to go to college and become a business executive or a police officer or a firefighter or a school principal.

      -The Men in our societies did not prepare our young men for the real world. They didn’t give our young men a sense of Financial literacy, Education, practical skills, or business knowledge.

      -The Men in our societies gave us pills and prescriptions, instead of teaching us How to deal with anxiety and depression.

      -Parents gave up on parenting. and advice on how we deal with Family, friends, relationships, dating, and marriage was left to the counselor.

      -The Men in our societies embraced Poor character traits like apathy, laziness, & nihilism.

      -The Men in our societies lack power, because they have no discipline!

      Now tell me again, who’s the problem?

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      1. We ALL KNOW the jews have had a STRANGLEHOLD on ALL mass media in this country and Europe for well over 100 years…(THEY EVEN ADMIT IT…)….
        It’s very OBVIOUS how 2% of the population you mention socially engineers the mass population into a spiraling mass of stupid helpless weak filth……(non whites among us here as well…)….
        (some of us…. like myself…Were BORN with a natural immunity to the toxic jew media virus…)….

        Why do you have your HEAD IN THE SAND and only SKIRT around the facts in an effeminate, cowardly faggy way? You keep mentioning the SYMPTOMS but NOT the CAUSE of the disease……


      2. You don’t have to do anything. just a simple question so I can come to my own conclusion.

        You and I don’t know each other but one thing I see is that you keep saying the same thing and keep falling short.

        I’ve lived into a number of countries. Two of them where young White men got conscripted to fight an enemy that was never fucking identified. A boot rammed down their throats by other, dime a dozen stupid white men.

        “My people suffer for lack of knowledge”. Now you can help educate them of just psych them up to be used as useless meat for foreign policy.

        Weak White men are a residual symptom. Read the first chapter of Eustace Mullins Biological Jew.

        Stupid White men are the real problem.


      3. Chris, you’re just another new guy over here assuming that I haven’t been through those ropes already. I have. I have a library here with over 300 books, 20 or so of which are on the JQ. Did I learn a little from reading these sources? Yeah I guess, I guess I did. But not one of those sources, NOT ONE, talks about a solution. This is not a racial website. This is not a hub for Jew chasers. Plenty of those out there. Take your pick. We do solutions here, and it starts with getting rid of these Weak White Men. And yes, stupidity is but one feature of weakness.


      4. This is 110% correct. Power isn’t assumed, it’s taken. It’s taken when people become too weak to fight for it and defend it.


  6. This piece of shit is exactly why people flee the Internet. Rich just ban his stupid ass and be done with him. There are plenty of other Sites out there that are littered with these “forgot to pull out” mistakes, let him play over there. Don’t let this trash hangout and post here.

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  7. Ruffled some Cuck feathers on a Friday? Not very nice Rich. You have to Cuck to these sensitive boys like the others and tell them that it’s not their fault, it’s just our sympathetic, empathetic way that they take advantage of, it’s not weak white men. It’s never weak white men.

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  8. ”not ONE… with the lone exception of PTD, that addresses the REAL Problem!”

    Provocative but true at least for the most part. I acknowledge a general attempt to move to the lowest common denominator of inclusivity as a long as muh white and so any strong uncompromising yes ‘ideal’ aim, spiritual or otherwise stance that questions our general degenerate malaise, that is somewhat part of a problem that is foundational , is undermined, chipped away at and ‘questioned’, as it seems to shift outside a ‘general consensus ‘It is a spiritual problem as much as it is a political social psycho-physical problem

    There are one maybe two that also address the foundational problems and they are sidelined or ‘questioned’…

    I like this site precisely because it also looks at the problem as it were holistically


  9. SAINT QUINN is indeed a vile troll of some sort. Don’t be fooled by this creature. “Wolf Wall Street” allows this critter to run wild on his show, with his numerous sock puppets, which proves that WWS is indeed either a senile old drunken fool, or some sort of troll himself.


  10. I should also add, that this “SAINT QUINN” once said, on WWS’s show that he was a member of a “Puerto Rican/Jewish gang” in his youth that were called “The San Juan Marranos”, lol.


  11. I warned many about those jerk offs years ago, and no one listened. They play around in their strange little corners and pretend like what they did for the day amounted to something, even when they know it didn’t. I told people about the addictions these people have too. Most of them are weak drug addicts and alchies. Every normal person is disgusted by the likes of that crowd. These are people who identify with the likes of Craig Cobb. Stay away, stay far, far away.


  12. Rich clearly said that this is not a racial or racist website and it’s not a website for Joo chasers. So, why are they here other than to stir up trouble? Word to the wise Rich, ban their IPs. Don’t even let them post here.

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