Why we need our own Media Platform Now!

Is this really the best we have out there?

These kooky, unhinged retards with not a damn solution other than whoa is us, spread the word, the sky is falling, the world is coming to end weak white male bullshit? How the fuck does this guy have any listeners? You mean to tell me that we can’t do better than this? WTF!

All these guys have done for generations, it seems, is tell us how screwed we are, and just how close we are to the collapse of our country. Almost NEVER do we hear anything on how we can stop it, other than more whinning and complaining, or buy my shitty product, or get out the “truth”, with the development of more bitch corners for #WeakWhiteMen to spread it! Yeah… that’s a fucking winner. That’ll do it! More bitch corners for #WeakWhiteMen. Just what we need, more “truth” spreaders chasing phantoms, goblins and the boogeyman!


10 thoughts on “Why we need our own Media Platform Now!

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  1. This website is a great starting point. We get enough serious supporters on here who are willing to pitch in,,then we have something to present and offer to professionals who can run these independen media sites and stay focused on our main mission here at PTD, mainly personal empowerment and realistic Goals, starting locally in our own homes and then neighborhoods and branching out from there locally


    1. Excellent points brother,

      Over the next few weeks I’m gonna be doing a full analysis of a bunch of different websites, and radio shows, video channels, radio networks, and other outlets. Maybe I’ll give them grades A – F. And determine if what they offer now in the way of talent, would fly on a new media distribution platform!


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