White Parents in Virginia Shutdown White Guilt Video!


You see folks? This is what happens when you stop blaming the Joo, and you get the fuck off your favorite bitch corner and start taking action! This is what happens when parents start parenting again! What? You’re gonna brainwash our kids with your filth and lies? We don’t think so. How would you like an empty school with no kids to “teach” and no pay check to cash? Take back LOCAL CONTROL dammit!

Stop screaming white genocide. Stop chasing Woody Allen all day long. Get off your ass and get involved. Are you a tax payer? Are you a parent? Network with other parents, hit the school board, go to PTA meetings, get on the teachers, get on the administrators, get on the members of your town council. These people work for YOU!


Virginia high school nixes ‘white guilt’ video after criticism

An animated film designed as a lesson in “racial discourse” for students at a Virginia high school will not be shown after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it “white guilt.” The video was shown at Glen Allen High School in Henrico during two assemblies for Black History Month and depicts several runners on a track, with black runners facing insurmountable obstacles while white runners are unimpeded.

Officials said in a statement Tuesday that the video, “The Unequal Opportunity Race,” was a presentation involving “American history and racial discourse.” They added, “A segment of the video was one component of a thoughtful discussion in which all viewpoints were encouraged. As always, we are welcoming of feedback from students and their families, and we address concerns directly as they come forward.”

Henrico County Superintendent Patrick C. Kinlaw acknowledged Wednesday that the video may not have been the best way to deliver a lesson in “racial discourse.” “While we as educators do not object to difficult and constructive conversations about American history and racial discourse past and present, we understand why many people feel this video in particular was not the best way to deliver such an important lesson,” Kinlsaw said in the statement.

Don Blake, whose daughter attended the assembly where the video was shown, said Wednesday that someone should be held accountable for the way the video was presented. “They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It’s a white guilt video,” Blake told WWBT.

Luke Harris, co-founder of the African-American Policy Forum, which created the video, told The Washington Post that the video was produced for “elementary and secondary schools or in college studies courses.” “We found that the video has a huge impact on the people that we’re showing it to,” said Harris, who is also an associate professor of political science at Vassar College. “Most of us know very little about the social history of the United States and its contemporary impact. It was designed as a tool to throw light on American history.”

Administrators across the district have been instructed not to use the video, said school board chairwoman Michelle Ogburn in a statement. She apologized to those who were offended. “In addition, steps are being taken to prevent the use of racially divisive materials in the future,” Ogburn said. The video comes four months after a student mistakenly played a song over the public address system before a football game that was a racist parody of the “DuckTales” theme song. SOURCE

16 thoughts on “White Parents in Virginia Shutdown White Guilt Video!

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      1. That’s true, but remember the first line of education is the family. Most indoctrination can be avoided through simply being an honest parent. Kids tend to emulate their strongest leader. If it’s you, they’ll scoff at their Marxist teachers and laugh with you about how stupid she is at the dinner table.

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  1. Take back LOCAL CONTROL? HUH?
    But…But… we’re winning on the internet, just keep ‘waking’ everyone up to the bogeyman.
    Then sit back,,spike your hair and your arm, turn on loud black metal music, grab hold of your game console in one hand and your dick in the other, pray to Odin, and let the magic happen.
    Remember, ‘worse is better’, starting and raising a healthy family, being a strong father and husband, getting involved in your community and local school boards and politics will only make things better snd keeping the SYSTEM going.
    Well, we could eventually reverse and change the destructiveness embedded in the system, but the bogeyman who we only out number a thousand to one, won’t let us.
    RAWHIDE …I mean RAHOOIE….I mean RAHOOPIE…..Ahh….you know what I mean.

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  2. Without the knowledge of JOOS infiltrating every fibre of the fabric of Our society most would still be shadow boxing! It’s great that the JOOS template has been broken up and we can do such things as this.


    1. I actually support black history in black schools for black children. Not this blame whitey weak black male bullshit, but getting black kids connected to their history and African culture is a good thing in my mind. That’s where it is entirely appropriate! Schools with white children should NEVER be subjected to this.


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