A Guy that Gets It!


Respect History on PTD

A new awakening is taking place. Are people finally starting to realize that focusing their attention on a nefarious boogeyman all day long with other (do-nothing in real life) weak hobbyists on the Internet is a GIANT waste of time? And that maybe, just maybe, the REAL problem is in our own backyard, with our own #WeakWhiteMen? Just a thought to consider…

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  1. Yes, we need action in areas of our life that we can control and have an effect. Fitness, forming PTD groups, local and state politics, creating a clean cut image, etc.
    we don’t need more works on Jewish Supremacism…they already exist and we can point people to them. Those who want to will read them; but most won’t.


  2. Agreed @Madmike
    Look, if somebody is winning or beating us at a game what good does it do to go around whining and complaining that the other team is winning? That is f****** pathetic! We have to face it if somebody outsmarted us then that’s our own fault. Our time is precious and limited, so I agree that we need to channel and focus our energy and time into empowering ourselves. As somebody said once before, ” don’t complain about the media, become the media”, ” don’t complain about the powers that be, become the power”! etc. etc. Survival of the fittest. Do we think nature gives a f*** who was right or who was wrong? Or who was fair who was unfair?


  3. Fuck I would of gotten out of my pajamas for this video had I known Rich was gonna post it LOL. Love this site, will be a member soon!!!


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