PTD Radio Britain: Episode#1


What we will be doing on this show, and managing the use of our resources…

Today’s show is the first full episode of the radio show from the new British arm of PTD. This show welcomes all listeners from across the globe, but focuses on the struggle and the issues facing our people here in Britain, and the ancestral homeland of our people; Europe.

This show introduces some of the themes that my show will be highlighting, including;

  • Masculine philosophy inc. strategies against feminism and apathy
  • Fraternity
  • Mental and psychological strength and discipline, inc. overcoming depression and weakness, anxiety, and social problems and pushing all-round health and well-being
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Respecting and honouring our culture and heritage
  • A return to a more wholesome, positive, traditional view of the world and way of life

There will also be humor, including bashing our American brothers (tongue in cheek of course, but friendly rivalry is preferred to apathy!)


I also call on the UK members of PTD to get in touch – contact details for Alex in the UK are in the member’s section.

My show is strictly about participation and involvement. Do-nothings and gadabouts will not be tolerated. Scottish and Irish welcome. Welsh tolerated.

I then get on to the content of today’s show: using resources wisely, where I discuss effective time management, which will be something I focus on more in the future, and how we need to wise up to the possibilities that the internet – this huge, instant network across the world – brings to our cause.

As part of a push for a renewed appreciation of our culture, my show will feature music from the vast European heritage, and from time to time will also profile important historical figures and events that we can learn from, and that we need to appreciate.

Stay classy, and enjoy the show.


7 thoughts on “PTD Radio Britain: Episode#1

Add yours

  1. This was a fantastic show again Matt.

    And let me tell you something brother, if you can light a fire under my ass and motivate me, you can do it with anyone… Superb job!


  2. “Scottish and Irish welcome. Welsh tolerated”… LMFAO

    With that sense of humor how could anyone not like you. Keep up the great work, I enjoyed the show.


  3. Hi Matt, I liked the last bit that you made, I’m eager to listen to this one. Is there a way I could download it, I listen to those podcasts in my car on my way to work.


  4. Oli, go to, a website designed for downloading youtube videos, and paste in the address of my post: and click ‘mp3’ before continuing.

    It will detect the show (despite it not beng a youtube video) and let you download it as an mp3 which you can then send to your devices and listen on. Enjoy brother


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