Strength 101- Deadlifts


In the exercise and fitness community there are 3 undisputed exercises that routinely take turns being heralded the king of all exercises. You probably already know of one, the Bench Press. Yes a powerful bench press is impressive and builds a desirable upperbody, but it is probably the least functional and applicable to real life of all the 3 power moves.

If you want real world, explosive, alpha male fucking power and strength, DEADLIFTS are KING. Other than the SQUAT, no other exercise taxes as many other muscles all at once and with such intensity. An all out deadlift session should leave you winded and dripping sweat with the desire to lay down for the next 12 hours 😉

In fact, the deadlift is so powerful, it has been known to cause any  nearby women to spontaneously conceive a child and induce puberty among any adolescents that look upon someone performing a deadlift!

Ok so I made that part up. But seriously, you should by now get the point. It hits the entire lower body and all posterior muscle groups in the upper body. In order of which muscles get used the most

  1.  glutes
  2. erector spinae (lower back)
  3. hamstrings
  4. Core (transverse abdominal wall, abdominal rectus, obliques)
  5. quads
  6. calves
  7. trapezius/rhomboids/rear deltoids
  8. lats
  9. biceps
  10. forearms

What other movement hits this many muscles at the same time for strength, endurance and stability? Even the squat hits less total muscle groups(however it engages the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEMS and CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS to a higher degree). The deadlift will increase your overall raw power and strength and teach your body how to reach and surpass its limits. You can expect a bigger back, thicker legs and powerful grip and the confidence of a lumber jack who’s just chopped down a Sequoia with a simple ax.

Beginner Deadlift Program

wk 1-4; 5 sets- 2 warm ups, 3 working sets x 12, 10, 8, 8, 8 respectively ( allow ample rest between sets, breathing should return to normal)

wk 5-8; 5 sets – 2 warm ups, 3 working sets x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4

wk 9-12; 5 sets – 2 warm ups, 3 working sets x 10, 8, 4, 2, 1

wk 13-14 no deadlifts


The goal is to

  • perfect your form
  • become comfortable increasing poundage
  • pick a weight that causes failure at target rep
  • ONLY MAX OUT if comfortable with form
  • You can repeat this meso-cycle for as long as you keep getting stronger. Once it is no longer working, you are no longer a beginner 😉 you will need some advanced routines and splits

Good luck and enjoy my video, it was made with footage shot during my training leading up to my last competition in November 2014.

16 thoughts on “Strength 101- Deadlifts

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  1. Excellent article Gabe! 👍

    The dickless faggots won’t appreciate it, but the MEN at this site will. And unlike the others will heed our advice, put it to use, and IMPLEMENT it in their routine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jacob, typically for a beginner or someone with less than 1-2 yrs of consistent lifting under their proverbial belt, this regimen should be done on a back day and not leg day. Aim to keep this at least 3 to 4 days after a leg day. The reason being is the high amount stress on the same hip movement as the squat, however the major contribution by the lower back (erector spinae) and upper backs muscles, makes this an ideal exercise for back or a “PULL” day.


  2. Judging by the video, you appear to be a mesomorph whereas I am a classic ectomorph and, due to my biomechanics, I’ve always struggled with back strength so I’m always looking to increase my muscle mass there. How many times per week do you recommend this workout? 1-2X? Do you recommend any other lifts for assists when working the deadlift (flat bench dumbbells rows, lat pulldowns, etc.)?


    1. Whats up brotha,

      if you are a beginner with deadlifts definitely follow this program as stated training the deadlift once a week.

      Make sure its the same day of each week too, this ensures adequate rest and not too much rest between training days. Some good assist exercises for the deadlift are heavy barbell rows, barbell shrugs and back extensions holding weight. I know in the video you see me do rack pulls, but this is an advanced move to help with the top end lock out of the deadlift. As a beginner you will get stronger just doing the basics.

      As a classic ectomorph getting your deadlift strong could be challenging. Make sure your arms are against your legs with a shoulder width stance. This ensure the shortest distance from ground to top. Try as well adding sumo deadlifts to hit your hips and glutes from different angles.
      It’ll teach you to engage the glutes muscles alot more, which will help tremendously on conventional deadlifts


  3. Holy Shit, Gabe, that was impressive stuff. Very inspiring. So glad to have you on board here, your stuff is great and really valuable to us guys interessted in self-improvement.

    This shows what we are all about here. Pooling our talents and working together to do something worthwhile and make DRASTIC changes. Bravo, Gabe, Bravo.

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  4. This was really cool. I was just asking some of my buddies what deadlifts are best for, since I wasn’t really sure what exactly what we’re focusing on. This was a great article, and I am going to implement this into my routine since I haven’t been doing them too consistently up until now. It will be good to master these. Thanks!

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