PTD Radio Britain: Episode#3


Hands off our country, globalist, marxist, EU scum!

I will now be doing two shows a week, PTD:UK is taking off and the only way is up. This train has no brakes.


Today I discuss why we must see the EU referendum as a big opportunity to take a step forward towards nationalism. For hundreds of years now, one by one, our traditional values, and our power over our own lives, has slowly been taken away from us, using our money and with our consent. Now is the time to VOTE OUT. Leave the bedroom, leave the basement, get off internet land, and use your vote to push back towards a sovereign nation, this is step 1 in our greater project here, MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!


As usual, the show features some kick-ass music of European origin, a short follow up on last weeks mental health episode with a specific focus on the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of physical exercise to healing your mind and turning your life around – and then a segment on how I plan to pitch the PTD message right in the face of the MAJORITY of men out there, the soft titty boys and the basement dwellers with no direction or male role models, and tell them, it’s sink or swim, de-cuck yourself and get on board with what we’re doing, or embrace the life of a low-energy, low-testosterone, lonely, lazy SLUG for the rest of your pathetic existence. The time of pretending you don’t know any better is over. The era of the closest thing you have to a girlfriend being a sock by your bed is THROUGH. The men of our nation will no longer be able have the pinnacle of their discipline being getting on the xbox at 7pm every night. It’s over. PTD is coming and it’s going to force them to decide, do they want to come to the Resurgence Media Network, and help Make Our Men Great Again? Or will they choose to double down on their weak, hopeless life and officially stand against the strong message we bring here?

Soon, very soon, with the rapidly spreading PTD message, the men of the UK will no longer be just going along to get along. Two camps will form. Everyone will take one side of the battle as the words ‘I’ve never heard of THAT message before’ become akin to denying that the sky is blue. And all men will either be with us or against us. They will either be virulent radical losers who fight for their right to eat cheetos in the basement and fantasise about ponies, or they will become strong men who fight for traditionalism.

The British man of the future will either look like this:


Or this:


There will be no in-between.


10 thoughts on “PTD Radio Britain: Episode#3

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  1. Don’t soften up a thing brother…

    Keep marching forward. In fact I’m gonna use that segment you did for a side bar topic on attracting our young men here!

    Awesome fucking show…

    BTW, after this week… all you freeloading deadbeats will have to sign up for the network in order to hear Matts show in the future!


    1. What method do you use of doing this, Joe? I am familiar with the noise removal function on audacity, and will use that from now on unless you have a better method of removing background noise.


      1. I used audacity, normally the buzz will come from an ungrounded plug.
        Even if a electrical (hydro) wall socket has three prongs, the ground may not be connected and at times electrical noise will jump the chord effecting the electronic circuits.
        Other noises can be traced to noisy power supply fans and or hot spinning hard drives.


  2. Thanks Joe, go ahead and edit it straight in for me. Is this a persistent thing? I haven’t noticed a buzz but then my speakers aren’t that good.

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