Resurgence Media Gear

Available Soon…

resurgence TSHIRTresurgence TSHIRT back

We are currently designing NEW Gear for the Network. Nothing is finalized yet. We may end up with a few different styles. The t-shirt above, will be made available soon to US Customers. I’m currently designing a bad ass hat too, which I hope to have made available for our international audience as well. If you’re in the US, and you’re interested in purchasing a Resurgence Media Network t-shirt, leave a reply in the comment section below. I’m looking to make a bulk order once again!

7 thoughts on “Resurgence Media Gear

Add yours

  1. I’ll add to the collection. Put me down for a ball cap as well… not the flat billed rap-cap or the 70’s trucker cap either. I need the 80’s style rounded bill ball cap to be a buyer : – )

    Maybe some stickers too? Coffee mug?


  2. My wife got me one a few weeks back…. A giant fucking mug that I use everyday, and I’m pissed when I can’t find it…. it made me happier than a blowjob… Well… Almost….


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