Strong Black Man (Sheriff) “debates” Weak Black Man!

“Positive” Street Gangs in the Black Community?

Can you imagine a rightwing politician advocating an approach that glorified the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK as a family unit? You can’t make this shit up! More excuses and bullshit from weak fags like this pussy Eric Guster, and more common sense from strong men and role models for black children like Sheriff David Clarke! 

2 thoughts on “Strong Black Man (Sheriff) “debates” Weak Black Man!

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  1. This guy is one of VERY few role models that the black ommunity has and that need to be promoted. It’s easy for all to see that Hilary and the entire government established either does not want to help black people, or doesn’t know how. Their tactic of promoting single mothers through welfare payments, rappers as role models, a serious lack of strong family units, and encouraging a culture of excuse-making and dependency – as opposed to getting off whiteys dick and sorting out your own communities – is a failed tactic. Guys like this have the answer and it isn’t BLAME THE WHITE BOOGEYMAN HOLDING US DOWN. It’s not OBLM or Only Black Lives Matter. It’s taking a hard GD look in the mirror at your own people and your dysfunctional culture. This guy is incredible and the black community needs to really get behind his message.

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