Big Box Gyms – Setting Yourself up for Failure

I wanted to build off of Rich’s last PTD podcasts where he encourages us to seek out smaller more personal gyms; or better yet a MMA gym.  Why?

  1. You are supporting a family buisness in your community instead of a some corp that treats you like a number.
  2. You can receive better training so you can have the proper form, etc., that you need to make real gains.
  3. Personal training is expensive.  Small gyms can offer this was well as the more affordable small group training.
  4. I don’t know about you, but life happens and I fall away from going to the “gym” after about 6 months.  At a small gym you will have a higher retention rate due to a variety of factors: financial commitment, people relying on you to be there, etc.
  5. A small gym is more personal…You will know the other members; they’re not just familiar faces competing with you for equipment.  At a small gym you can begin to build real relationships and learn from others.

Still not convinced?

Humorous Big Box Gym BS we’ve all experienced…

Our Russian friends, whom we aspire too…

Do you feel the difference?


2 thoughts on “Big Box Gyms – Setting Yourself up for Failure

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  1. Excellent manly shit. Inspiring. Notice the difference between the russians who train in the park using simple mechanisms and bars and are all looking absolutely stacked with muscle, and the average gym-goer who reluctantly plods on the £1700 treadmill and looks like shit – “all the gear, but no idea”.


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