Friends… Do you really “need” them?

The older I get the more torn I become on this issue of “friends” and the necessity for them. A lot of people struggle with this issue, they worry about maintaining these often phony platonic relationships, with people they call friends. Some of them have HUGE groups of these “friends.” And many of them value these relationships more than the ones they often don’t have with their spouse, their children, and their immediate family! Personally I grew up with a HUGE group of friends. That number has dwindled down to ONE, a guy that I’ve known since the 2nd grade, but a guy that I speak to maybe once a month and see a few times a year. Between my wife, my son, my brothers and sister, my parents and in-laws, my busy schedule working, training, keeping up my home to my standards, and working on this website… my time for friends has slowly disappeared. With that said, it hasn’t impacted me in a negative way at all. So don’t worry about losing friends… because people change dramatically with age, wisdom, and life experience.

2 thoughts on “Friends… Do you really “need” them?

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  1. Having friends and a social life outside of just family is a healthy thing. Most of my family I can’t even relate with or get along with. But what you are talking about here would be more directed at the younger generation and adults who haven’t grown up yet and take it to a whole nother level where it’s out of balance and all they care about is having a lot of friends and being socially popular. As far as that goes I agree with you


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