Imagine a world…

…Where pride is dead…

…Where hope is lost…

…Where we have no power…

…And evil is praised as a virtue.

Where life is pointless…

…And death is our aspiration.

Now imagine this same world…

Being embraced willingly.


This is a video for the general public about the problem of men being swept along with the feminised world of today and wasting their lives with their childish hobbies and pathetic attempts at getting female approval. It promotes as a place to Make Our Men Great Again and re-assume our natural function as fathers, husbands, leaders, and moral, social, and political authorities.

If admin could put this on the RMN youtube, that’d be great.


7 thoughts on “Imagine a world…

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  1. Constructive criticism:

    Hate to be a downer but I can’t say that I like the use of the Lion King and modern Disney cartoons at all (in general)… Nor does the African music fit well with the message and images in the video and on this website.

    Also there should be a website address at the end there!


  2. Don’t worry Rich, that’s taken in the right spirit, criticism is welcome – in defense of the choice, the Lion King is based on Hamlet, the famous play about a Prince of Denmark, and we live in a dumbed-down generation where the theme of responsibility and not running from your role in life only exists in cartoon form. Where else in popular culture is anything that my generation grew up watching that contains anything like that message? You tell me where I can give the millenial generation a reference that will be relatable and grab them by the heart by appealing to childhood memories but also carries a message of not running away and facing up to your responsibilities as a man. I agree there is a lot of crap in Disney nowadays but the message behind the Lion King is actually a powerful one if you read between the lines, it relates to our situation. I appreciate your honesty in your comments, however, and I won’t be offended if you don’t want the video used for anything ‘official’ or as an RMN promo. Also, the web address is given twice in the video. The second time is right before the closing graphic.


  3. Nice video. Guys, you need to take away the smart phones from your wives and yourselves. They have become a total addiction for most people using them they fail to see that they are enslaved by the digital media. Social engineers are hard at work designing ‘better’ smart phones to further enslave the society!


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