Another Flop from the Sewers of Hollywood!

Ghostbusters… a film that most remember as a funny goofy flick with Bill Murray… has now turned into a cucked-out politically correct version of the old one with an all female cast this Summer. I’m sure this one will be great! Can’t wait to see this shit flop. Another waste of millions of dollars. Hey assholes, we’re not buying it and we’re not watching it!

One thought on “Another Flop from the Sewers of Hollywood!

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  1. ‘The power of pain compels you’… wtf? is that supposed to be a joke? You know what will happen. The movie flops, and then all over the media… ‘Is misogyny on the rise… joining us today is a fat feminist slob-dyke to complain that people don’t want to see unfunny shitty movies about fat hipster sluts and grrl power’ and it’ll be ‘further proof that men hate women who kick ass and we need to indoctrinate boys even younger into feminism to teach them to nod along with our terrible movies’.


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