EU referendum: poll shows young voters could hold key in June vote

Why is David Cameron so desperate for young people to vote in the EU referendum?

British PM David Cameron and the ‘Remain’ camp are increasingly desperate to convince young people to vote in the EU referendum – and rightly so. If they don’t cast their ballot, pollsters and pundits suggest a knife-edge vote could swing to a Brexit.

‘Remain’ campaigners are concerned voter turnout on June 23, especially among the youth, will be crucial in swinging the final result.

Young people are more positive about the EU. According to the Economist’s latest poll, 61 percent support staying in the EU while 18 percent want to leave.

While Young Britons Favor Staying in E.U., They Aren’t Big on Voting.

However, young people are much less likely to be registered. Even those who are on the books are notoriously tardy on the day.


Thirty percent of all 20-24 year olds are unregistered, compared with just five percent of those over retirement age.

At midnight on Tuesday June 14th, as registration closes, many young people eligible to vote in the referendum will lose the chance to do so. The country’s future therefore may hinge on the bias of an older generation of voters, nostalgic for a bygone Britain.

Supporters of the “Vote Remain” campaign in London. Young Britons are generally comfortable with a multicultural society, surveys have found, and they value the opportunity to work and travel in 28 European nations without a visa.

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  1. A lot of polls will be done in ways that target young people. Young slack-offs whose core values include multi-culturalism, virtue-signalling, trying to be a smart-ass, and most importantly, not doing fuck all except whining. They are an apathetic and ineffectual generation (certainly the left leaning are) who will only vote if there isn’t a good game going on in the ps4 online community or if they can do it via an app on their phones. These are people who don’t work, they just whine and try to look intelligent. The large majority of them are too lazy to vote. These polls will not reflect the overall British voting public. This referendum will be a LOT closer than many people at first thought. Now it’s getting close, a win is looking possible. I’ve been campaigning in my home town and it’s AT LEAST 90% leave. Combine that with the facts emerging into the public’s mind about Turkey, the future of migration in the EU, and the rise of British patriotism as the Queen hits 90 (DO NOT underestimate this effect, yanks) and the LEAVE campaign is gaining serious momentum. Like the election of Trump, it is the START, not the end, of a movement. But also like Trump, it’s now or never. There won’t be anything left to save in 20 years otherwise. Patriotism is becoming cool again. Virtue-signalling and leftism is once again beginning to rightly be seen as gay-as-hell, and weak. Rebellion against the media narrative is hot, and global corporatism is not. The future is BRIGHT.

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