Crushing the Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’

One of the dogmas in leftist liberalism is the naive cuddling with Islam and Muslims, and their irrational refusal to see things for what they are. This is purely playing with fire.

Because of the violence stemming from Islamic radicalism (the Orlando mass shooting being the latest milestone), a new oxymoronic label was created – namely “moderate Muslim” – to disassociate the average Muslim from the wrongdoings of the more extremist elements innate in their religion. This sort of special treatment is highly dangerous, because it means Muslims no longer have any societal demands or responsibility towards their community. Radical Islamists can operate beneath the useful idiots referred to as “moderates”.


The political left is often ignorant about this sort of stuff, and part of the reason is because any criticism against Islam/Muslims, they see it as “racism”. It is also highly hypocritical, since if a Trump supporter had shot some gay people in a bar, he/she would be emblematic for the entire Trump-supporting side.


Hillary, catering to the feelings of poor ‘liberal’ Muslims

Moderate muslims do not exist. Islam is rooted in fundamentalism which makes it impossible by definition to be a moderate muslim. Mainstream people have of course never been the most ideal, accurate or strict type of any ideology. The majority is never really representative of anything. It’s the “extremists” and “fundamentalists” that count, and really it’s all about them, because these people are the ones who go to great lengths to meticulously follow the religion or ideology they practice.

Something you often hear from muslims, is that when a person doesn’t like Islam, he probably doesn’t understand it. This is because muslims believe Islam is perfect and no honest human being can dislike it when he truly knows it. Ridiculous.

Quite on the contrary,  I’d ague they are the ones who lack an understanding of human nature. Human nature is very violent. Islam is compatible with the violent nature of humanity, and so, that doesn’t mean that just because a religious group (be it Christians or any other pacifist religion like Buddhism and so on) follows a pacifist hippie like Jesus or Buddha etc., that it’s always going to be 100% peaceful in every situation. But the point is, terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, ISIS etc., are compatible and fully in line with the violent founder of their religion. When European Christians did the crusades, colonialism and such, it wasn’t because Jesus was this militant inspiration and motivation in their world-view.

Yet, Muslims are notorious in the excuse making business. The lack of self-criticism is total, and for good reasons. You can’t criticize Muhammed, who is infallible, right? The psychological consequence is masses of childlike muslims incapable of critical thought, adhering to their authoritarian religion uncompromisingly.

It is therefore impossible to integrate a Muslim into western society, since he/she wants to subdue it on the basis of the nature of his/her religion. On the contrary, they will integrate their host country into their beloved religion, as they have done through out all of history.


While Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world (thanks to 3rd world birthrates), it is not precisely something that has “mass” appeal. If it wasn’t such a politically power-hungry cult that has grown on the wings of militant imperialism, the share of Muslims worldwide would probably be a lot less in numbers. But Islam is one such thing that it can only grow in society, never decrease. It is a one-way-in and no-way-out cult.

The fact that most Muslims aren’t psychopaths that obey most orders of Muhammad doesn’t mean that Islam isn’t a violent and totalitarian ideology. The fact that most Muslims don’t blow themselves up in order to kill infidels is proof of our innate, hardwired capability to feel empathy towards other people but for the crazy and stupid its teachings and scripture provably give inspiration to do crazy and stupid things. Thereby, Islam becomes a weapon for the evolutionary advancement of the crooked, evil and ugly.

Islamism is carefully crafted totalitarianism by the violent founders of these cults to dominate others. It’s a highly manly and patriarchal religion, which western cucked liberalism can’t stand against. If anything, we see many western men and women willingly converting to this authoritative religion because of lack of spiritual and patriarchal resistance in their own countries.


Swedish Muslims, the new Vikings?

Western Christianity evolved as a tool for imperialism. Next it became a tool for reconsolidating Europe under 1 religion once it was seen that paganism was no longer going to remain number 1. And finally it became a tool to facilitate global colonization. Ironically enough it’s working as a stepping stone for Islam into Europe. Yet Islam is not compatible with liberal human rights, stemmed from Christian doctrine.

The focus on the war-like aspects of Islam are a product of the so-called “war on terror”, one might say. If we are to be nuanced, the so-called “Islamic State” is a joke; it’s an extreme caricature of some of the aggressive and murderous aspects of Islam (which are actual, inherent aspects of Islam), and so is Saudi Arabia. Although Islam is Utopian in some respects, it’s not a universal message of love like Christianity. Islam is a hands-on, all-encompassing recipe for how a society should be ordered (Islam = Islamism).Radical Salafist and Wahabbi sects that have been pushed and promoted by the Saudi government are now growing in the West.

Why Islam Creates Monsters

As we know from so many psychological studies, whatever a child is strongly influenced by takes an enormous personal effort to change later in life. It is no wonder that Muslims in general, in spite of Islam’s inhumane nature and obvious inability to equip its followers with humor, compassion and other attractive qualities, are stronger in their faith than any other religious group.

Muslim culture simply does not have the same degree of understanding of human development as in civilized societies, and physical pain and threats are therefore often the preferred tool to raise children. This is why so many Muslim girls grow up to accept violence in their marriage, and why Muslim boys grow up to learn that violence is acceptable.

The raw fruits of Islam can clearly be seen in less developed countries in the Middle East and Africa where violent Islamic groups emerge, exposing the innate violent incitements in the religion.

People raised by Western standards generally have an inner locus of control, meaning that they experience their lives as governed by inner factors, such as one’s own choices, world view, ways of handling emotions and situations, etc. Muslims are raised to experience their lives as being controlled from the outside.

Everything happens “insha’ Allah” — if Allah wills — and the many religious laws, traditions and powerful male authorities leave little room for individual responsibility. This is the cause for the embarrassing and world-famous Muslim victim mentality, where everybody else is blamed and to be punished for the Muslims’ own self-created situation.

The cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and discriminatory view toward non-Muslims is the reason why Islam creates monsters – and ideal Bolshevik proxy groups.

The nature of Islam and the psychology of its followers is merely one more reason for why the Resurgence Media Network is the most important media platform in the world. Far too many people underestimate the power of psychology embedded in religion and culture. As we have already seen, no army of social workers, generous welfare states, sweet-talking politicians, politically correct journalists or democracy-promoting soldiers can stop these enormous forces.

We must make our men great again.

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