“New Nationalist Revolt” The Moonshine Experiment!

On this edition of the “New Nationalist Revolt”, Mike Sledge does his broadcast drunk on moonshine from Appalachia! Mike felt that the creativity of this shoah, overtook his complete moonshine drunkenness! Too many treasures in this broadcast to just throw away. Enjoy a very entertaining and intoxicating broadcast! Join the Revolt!

Broadcast notes:
WARNING: This show is full of drunken unadulterated HATE! Parental Discretion is Advised!
Also Hillary’s Sagging Tits may cause nausea, and risk of heart attack and or DEATH!

5 thoughts on ““New Nationalist Revolt” The Moonshine Experiment!

Add yours

  1. This election goes much deeper than fixing immediate problems. This election goes much further than the next 4 or 8 years.
    This election is for the Supreme Court, do you want out and out communists who will tear apart what’s left of this nation?

    Like leftists elitists Princeton “historian” Danielle Allen redefining the friggin Declaration of Independence.
    The next 1 to 3 possibly 4 Supreme Court appointments that will be there interpreting the constitution and law not on the merits but along political ideology.

    Look your children, grandchildren in the eyes and explain to them the future you are setting for them by your decisions and actions or lack of…….. TODAY!


  2. Mike !!! Holy shit that is so weird, I was just watching Bukowski born into this, the film a couple weeks ago and I had strongly considered playing that poem on a show! Genius of the crowd! What a coincidence!!! I was a huge Bukowski reader in my twenties!


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