POLISH Hypocrites

Poles protest against influx of refugees…but millions of THEM have made new lives in UK

POLISH protestors demanding that Syrian refugees be TURNED AWAY at their borders have been branded “hypocrites” after 800,000 of their countrymen took advantage of Europe’s free movement rules to move to Britain.

Story HERE


Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary Refugee Hypocrisy After Flooding UK with 4 Million Economic Migrants
Story HERE

Anti-immigrant march in Gdansk, Poland 12.09.2015 (English subtitles)

Poland: Drone captures thousands-strong anti-immigration rally in Katowice

Poland Thousands attend anti immigrant demo in Warsaw

Low IQ Polish immigrant to UK mimic Low IQ Mexicans – ‘We take jobs that a lot of English people don’t want to take’

Poles and Muslims insulted after Brexit vote
Story HERE

EU Ref: Polish integration in Reading & Southampton pre Ref vote

13 thoughts on “POLISH Hypocrites

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    1. Bullshit…… they were fine with swamping Britain with low wages, crime, and tax burdens. Just as in the 1930’s, tons of living space, natural resources, they would rather go all over the world trying to reap the benefits other nations economic risks, development, investment, creativity, sacrifices and cultures.
      Instead of making the hard choices at home just as now, they are in the middle of the NATO missile expansion on Russia’s border tipping us closer to WW3.
      Poland MUST be held accountable for their bad behavior especially towards the rest of Europe.


    2. I’ll take Poles any day of the week, month or year… Especially the women.

      I love me some Polish folks.

      Some of the strongest ethnic European communities we have are Polish.

      They haven’t lost their sense of pride.


      1. The Poles here in Jersey are pretty damn good the families I know personally at least.

        Are they really that much of a problem in England?


      2. Poland will not accept cut in benefits for those already in UK, says aide
        Szczerski said his government, led by the rightwing Law and Justice party, was prepared to accept that new Polish child benefit claimants working in the UK should not be able to claim benefits at UK rates for its children still in Poland, as long as issues of indexation were resolved.
        In other words, political blackmail.


  1. At least few years ago it was customary to rob at gunpoint people, who traveled through Poland on business trips by polish street gangs… It was a real menace.
    Also I think it’s not senible to compare european immigration to US with internal european migration because all these nations have their own unique roots, LANGUAGES. genetics, traditions and culture unlike US, what has allways has been meltingpot of nations.


  2. Well, considering the Limeys told Poland to provoke WW2 and let the Soviet Union take them over. I would say letting in a few super model polish women is the least of Britain’s problems at this point. While in Poznan last year I could not help but notice the rather abundant amount of drunken British men (both white and black) yelling at fellow tourists, harassing wait staff, and other unbecoming behavior.


    1. ” Limeys told Poland to provoke WW2 and let the Soviet Union take them over.” – That’s poe me logic at it’s finest. Yup, you feminized cucks never cease to amaze me. Now go jump off a cliff like a good cuck.


      1. Hey Joe, instead of attacking one of the most redeemable group of whites in Europe who have defeated Muslims, Jews, Communists, and social Marxists. Who have stood for REAL catholic values, who voted in a true right wing party maybe you could do some research into the matter and attack our true enemy. But you won’t. You are no different from the Jooo chasers you complain about. I like Rich and Tyler’s work and respect them both, but I will not resubscribe if this platform is going to be your soap box to make non sense arguments about people we really need to emulate in our diseased nation!


      2. and you are the one who posts idiotic feminized statements like ”Limeys told Poland to provoke WW2 and let the Soviet Union take them over.” -HUH?
        “REAL catholic values”?? Isn’t the pope hosting muslims?
        Isn’t Poland bringing NATO missiles closer to Russian borders?
        Is it not Poland the european mexicans, all over europe sucking social benefits from the host country sending them back to Poland?
        If that is the epitome of ‘the most redeemable group of whites in Europe’ – the europe is long gone.
        ‘I will not resubscribe’ – ‘people we really need to emulate’ – well than, which countries should we be immigrating to, sucking their social benefits and jobs rather than make America great again?


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