Junkies Paradise: Heroin cut with “elephant tranquilizer” leads to 60 overdoses across 2 states.


Strike 1 – hefty fine with 1 year hard labor.

Strike 2 – larger fine with 5 years hard labor.

Strike 3 – Waste the Junkie and/or dealer.


Heroin cut with elephant tranquilizer may have caused 60 overdoses across two states in just 48 hours

Midwest health officials worried this would happen.

It’s why they brought together a tri-state coalition — Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky — to talk about the dangers, and it’s why they issued a stern, desperate warning last month to first responders and addiction counselors who patrol the front lines of the opioid war every day.

They said the situation was “dire.” One Ohio coroner told users they were “literally gambling” with their lives.

But their public plea could not prevent the heroin on their streets from being cut and sold with a new opioid analog 100 times more potent than fentanyl and 10,000 stronger than morphine.

In chemical terms, it’s called carfentanil. Colloquially, it’s an elephant tranquilizer.

It’s the most potent opioid used commercially, strong enough to knock out — or even kill — a 15,000-pound pachyderm, and used primarily to sedate other large animals, like ox, moose and buffalo.

Now drug dealers, in an attempt to stretch their supply and deliver a stronger, longer high, are cutting their heroin with carfentanil — which is far more dangerous than its already troublesome but less potent cousin, fentanyl.

And in a 48-hour window this week, two counties near the Ohio-Indiana border may have been hit with a dangerous wave of it.

On Tuesday night, officers responded to at least 11 overdose cases in Jennings County, Ind. That same day and into Wednesday evening, authorities in Hamilton County, Ohio — home to Cincinnati — received more than 50 heroin overdose calls, reported TV station WCPO.

In Ohio, the calls took first responders all over the city: a United Dairy Farmers bathroom, a McDonald’s, the scene of a car crash and a Rally’s parking lot.

The man at Rally’s died, according to WCPO.

Just last weekend, only days before the 48-hour frenzy of calls, about 30 other overdoses were reported in Hamilton County, Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan told Fox 19.

Authorities have been careful not to speculate whether the overdoses across the two states are connected, or whether they all came from one particularly potent batch of heroin, but police told WCPO that is likely the case. It may have been mixed with fentanyl, carfentanil or even rat poison — making it that much harder to treat overdose patients.

That was a crucial part of the public health warning Hamilton County released last month.

Photographer Spends Year Capturing Chicago's Heroin Epidemic

“Take this as a dire warning to all, if you choose to purchase and use any forms of heroin,” Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi K. Sammarco said. “No one knows what other drugs may be mixed in or substituted and you may be literally gambling with your life.

“Don’t count on Narcan to be able to reverse the effects of carfentanil.”

Narcan is an FDA-approved nasal spray version of naloxone, a life-saving medication that can reverse the lethal effects of an opioid overdose. It was approved in November 2015 and has been credited with saving countless lives. Across the country, first responders are stocking up on Narcan and some agencies have even started training civilians on how to use it on each other.

Usually, one, maybe two, doses of Narcan will sufficiently help someone overdosing on pure heroin.

But when the drug is cut with other substances, especially carfentanil, it can take as much as a half dozen doses, maybe more. Complicating matters is that law enforcement officers have no way of knowing on scene what kind of heroin cocktail the user has injected. Fentanyl and carfentanil are mixed into the heroin in nearly untraceable doses. Both are colorless and odorless.


Often, users don’t even know until it’s too late.

“It’s not like they hand you your dope and say, ‘Here’s the carfentanil dope,’” Jessica Sageser, a former heroin user, told WCPO. “You don’t know. The seriousness of it has escalated so much more because this drug is, like, indescribable. It’s a snap of the fingers and the blink of an eye, and you are done.”

[‘To my daughter’s drug dealer’: A distraught mother’s viral Facebook post]

Carfentanil is not just dangerous to users, according to an Aug. 12 Washington Post story:

Veterinarians who handle the drug wear protective gloves, aprons and masks, treating it “almost like uranium,” in the words of one zoo veterinarian who spoke to Fusion. A dose the size of a grain of salt could kill a person, and carfentanil can even be lethal when absorbed through the skin, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA has warned narcotics officers, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer, and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has urged police in his state to stop field testing for fear that handling the substances without proper precautions could be too dangerous.

“It’s just too high of a risk,” DeWine said, according to the Columbus Dispatch. “This stuff is just now hitting. You’re really not seeing [police] departments with any experience with it at all.”
A man injects himself with heroin using a needle obtained from the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, the nation’s largest needle-exchange program, in Seattle in April 2015. (David Ryder/Reuters)
Earlier this month, prosecutors in Pennsylvania issued a warning on carfentanil, which may be responsible for some of the 200 recent overdoses in the area — 20 of them fatal.

It also has been linked to overdoses this year in Kentucky and Florida.
Last week, police in Huntington, W. Va., responded to 26 heroin overdoses in a span of four hours.

[The latest overdose outbreak shows just how dangerous the heroin epidemic has gotten]

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition, which works with law enforcement officials in southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky, is still investigating the widespread spat of overdoses this week.

“I’ve got to say to whoever pushed this out on the street,” Synan told WCPO, “this was the wrong thing to do.” SOURCE

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  1. Natural selection is damn right! It’s popularity in the ‘burbs and countryside is greater than ever before. Let’s follow the $ trail… Anyone know if “Duterte” has Ambassadors offering assistance?


  2. No doubt the white race has devolved but who are the culture creators that you have refused to name ? How is that going for you ? I see no participation here.Why do you suppose that is ? The articles are decent but the underlying dynamics of the why is lopsided and short sighted.Keep blaming the sheep,as if they could arrive at any logical conclusion on their own.They never have and never will.They behave as their conditioning dictates, always have and always will.

    Who is responsible for the surge in availability of narcotics?Who has the power to promote depraved values in this country and has been doing it through the mass media and academia? Does this not resemble Germany of the 1920’s ? If you were to get back on point perhaps you would have more than 1or 2 people in your comment section,after a year or more with this website.You continually fail to get to the root of the problem and your website exemplifies that by the embarrassingly small number of comments you get.Same analysis as the conservatives with a little more edgy language that’s going nowhere.Vote local ? Oh,now vote NATIONAL !!!

    The masses are always going to respond to their programming.So the reprogramming of the masses is what is necessary.That can only happen under some type of authoritative model at this point,preferably a national socialist regime that takes charge of the trendsetting,what is cool,and what is forbidden,in other words the re programming through the manipulation of the outlooks of the masses.They are unable to think cogently without the aid of a righteous philosophy to guide them.And that is the truth of it.In order to root out this depraved behavior the vipers on top must be exposed,and that includes the jew infested Donald Trump.

    I agree with the stiff sentencing but without a total rearrangement of ideas [values] from the top down,nothing will get better and unfortunately,that may take force and perhaps a major culling of the masses as we build up the integrity and bring back self pride to the white race as Hitler did with the Germans.However in America the electoral process is a big fat joke unlike 1930’s Germany,so is your god Donald Trump who is scamming tens of thousands of these white sheep and they deserve what they get,How many more times are you fuckers going to fall for these political hacks who are totally under the control of the you know whos ?Ain’t that right Joe Northpal ?At one time you knew this was true.But that was before your horse was struck down by a thunderbolt on the road to your local elections.Now you have been uplifted to the National election.What a joke you guys are.

    Maybe this “Alert” will ignite more than one or two responses which I have not seen on this site in quite some time.


  3. That’s one hell of a long post for someone that views us as a joke?

    Let me dissect this one by one…

    The Culture Creators are simply the consumers that keep the wheels churning. Without the consumer, the culture does not exist!

    If your definition of participating is trolling each other, bickering about 6 years of history (1939-1945) and whining about what everyone else is doing to us, you’re right. Participation is low. Weak white fags aren’t allowed over here. Furthermore, my Radio show is subscription based, which leaves out the free shit crowd… 95% of the Alt-Right! Not to mention… I work full time, have a career, a wife and two young children. I don’t have time to hangout on social media or Twitter or link to the site in any of your bitch corners.

    Also I keep hearing the word sheep… What makes you any different from that crowd? Are you entirely self sufficient? How much success have you had in your life? What have you done personally to change anything? What differentiates you from any of these so called sheep? The fact that you chase around a fucking boogeyman with your tail between your legs, and you know who Hermann Göring was?

    Furthermore, what enabled you or me, or anyone else for that matter… to arrive at any logical conclusion on their own. What are we fucking special? Are you? It’s called being an adult, having discipline, and being accountable for shit… all of which white folks choose not to do.

    Who is responsible for the surge in availability of narcotics?

    The White Consumer!

    Who has the power to promote depraved values in this country and has been doing it through the mass media and academia?

    Who has the power to turn it all off?

    Does this not resemble Germany of the 1920’s?

    No… the nation is 60% white (European)… a nation that encompasses a tremendous land mass with a much different, much shorter history with many different ethnic groups, religions, and regional cultures with entirely different attitudes.

    I didn’t create this site to have vibrant comment sections and continue the circle jerk. I created it to fix our fucking men.

    The root cause of our problem is our own god damn men. Period.

    BTW… Crying about a kike Jew all day long isn’t reprogramming shit.

    Yeah sure… A National Socialist take over by a bunch of fat lazy fucks sitting in their underwear typing away on Stormfront and the daily stormer… that’ll do it!

    Other than complaining and calling Trump a Jew Shill… what is your practical solution?

    So far I haven’t heard shit.

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  4. BTW for a site that’s only a year old, a site that doesn’t promote, or collaborate with anyone, or utilize social media… How is it possible that we’ve had 80,000 visitors and 500,000 views?

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  5. Oh,you did not attempt to collaborate with or promote Red Ice,Mike Sledge, Angelo among others ? My definition of participating is just that,participating.In other words a discussion.If you don’t want that, why not omit the comment section ? The wheels of history have always been turned by a very small minority.The consumer creates the culture ? I am afraid you have that backwards.The “VALUES” of 1920’s Germany and the U.S. are quite similar,not the territory or the demographics.

    500,000 visitors and no comments tells me something is rotten in Denmark.You know nothing about me or how I arrive at conclusions,but the truth is that you know the truth and you are not sharing it which is to me reprehensible because YOU do know better.You are inverting reality Mr.and no matter how diverse we are in terms of region,religion or lack of,you know who is responsible for our state of affairs.and so does Donald Trump.BTW,this is not a nation.And perhaps the word joke was inappropriate,maybe I should have said ”sell out”.What make me {and you} different from the vast majority is that we have sought out the historical information based on the documented facts which cannot be denied.Why do you think the internet is in the process of being regulated,?So the shit that you say that you have not heard can begin with one sentence…Name the enemy.No need to chase him.In time that will take care of itself .If not it is curtains for our people.Very simple.


  6. Study Iran Contra which was guns one way and CIA coke for crack for for-profit prisons. Now study AwanContra and Mango diplomacy and read the 2011 wikileaks emails about $6 mangoes coming into O’Hare airport. Now look at a chart of heroin and opioid ODs and note the spike–no pun intended. AwanContra is the same as Iran Contra except it is for both for-profit prisons AND fresh young organs for the transplant industry. Look at animal tranquilizers coming in from Pakistan and likely India. The 2016 poppy crop was up 46% over the 2015 record. I won’t go into the targeting of veterans or the water-down dosage Oxycontin but it is not that hard to figure out.


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