White Liberals (not joos) are offering a free Online workshop titled: “Healing From Toxic Whiteness”

Pampered, Inane, Psychotic, Schizophrenic white liberals all throughout the Midwest stretching across to that bastion of whiteness known as the Pacific Northwest are offering courses on white privilege, white entitlement, white fragility, white racism, and now… toxic “whiteness.”

You can blame who ever you want to blame, but these are Gentiles (of mostly Germanic and Scandinavian stock) offering and running these “courses.”

Somehow I don’t think you’ll see ANY northeast guys like Titan, Northpal, or myself caught up in those crowds.

Register Now for the “Healing From Toxic Whiteness” FREE Online Workshop

Learn why many white folks feel emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism — and get the tools to free yourself from toxic whiteness to begin developing an anti-racist white identity.


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