Debate Prep 2016

The stand-in opponent is a critical role in mock debates

Philippe Reines, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton and one of the most astute observers of her personal and political vulnerabilities, is playing Donald J. Trump in her mock debate sessions, according to people familiar with Mr. Reines’s involvement.

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I keep hearing these upcoming debates described as ‘exciting’, ‘historic’, a ‘defining’ moment in the future of America, and many many other superlatives.

Now, they might all be true in a sense, but in the same sense they are equally sad.
It is very sad that America has sunk to such a low, degenerate level that such a debate could even occur.
Never mind that it will undoubtedly be the most watched presidential debate in history before the most divided electorate in history.

The fact a despicable America, male, European hating globalist, and out n out stone cold killer criminal such as Hillary Clinton is involved reveals the terminal malignancy that permeates the American mind, body, and soul.

Drastic measures to cut out, burn out, stamp out, this viral infection is the only course of action.
A team of talented specialist headed by a uncommon, extraordinary dedicated surgeon administering bitter tasting, at times painful, common sense emergency procedures and medicine.

How uncommon and extraordinary you ask?
Well when chosen from what was then termed by many as the 17 most intelligent and talented GOP field in political history.
A mama’s boy, two ineligible cubans, one appointed by god, a failed corporate executive sour puss, a grossly overweight flip flopping war mongering opportunist, anything goes Libertoon, half asleep ‘let us pray on it’ ex-brain surgeon, economy wreaking Lehman Brothers ex-managing director disguised as mister rogers, a bass playing (ala Bill Clinton saxophone) baptist religious freak from Arkansas and list gets even worse.

The fact that it was even considered a ‘contest’ tells you quite a bit about the establishment on the so-called ‘right’.
The fact that most had to have their arms twisted and some still to this day will not live up to THEIR own pledge they themselves enforced on Mr. Trump reveals even more.

The bright side of it all is the fact there were enough sane, healthy, determined Americans to CRUSH the CUCKS.

Now let us look at the other side of this malignant tumor.
A career marxist criminal vs a career marxist communist.
Hillary Clinton, do we really have the time to list all her criminal activities?
Bernie Sanders, do we really need to peek under his unpressed wrinkled ‘socialist’ gown to point out AGAIN his shriveled communist hammer and sickle?
Hillary and the DNC conspired to defeat the old Coney Island barker atheist ‘jew’, epitome of a social construct.

Now, Clinton and the DNC’s actions are in no way a shock or surprise, other than the fact they NEEDED to resort to such underhandedness to defeat the old guy.

So who the hell are the folks that make up this electorate that is so divided?



YES, they are mainly European Americans or more commonly known as ‘white folk’.
Who’s interest will be least discussed and represented?
YES, they are mainly European Americans or more commonly known as ‘white folk’.
Reality check: WHO SETS THE PACE in America?

I am more than confident there are enough SANE white, black, brown, yellow, red, and purple Americans to offset the SICK WHITE Americans bent on destroying this country.

But that will not be enough, like any recovery from a serious illness, the patients responsibilities and actions are the KEY ingredient to a full and healthy recovery.
Let’s get real, a doctor can only do so much.
I hear in particular from #weakwhitemen whining how voting is NOT the solution.
No shit you panty waist sissies, it is the follow up that is the solution.
You know, those things your feminized daddy never taught you.
Things like raising a family, being part of a community, in other words TAKING CONTROL by TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.
“I pay taxes and voted” is NOT what made America great, MEN being MEN is what did it.
This is why Power Through Discipline is not only a natural cure but the only cure.

Power Through Discipline is available and encouraged for everyone with a set of balls, not just a “chosen” few.

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