Wild West Radio #23: Not In This Lifetime

Nearly Two Hours Of Titan!

Dispelling the latest lies of the lame-stream media and the Clinton Cabal.

After the obligatory political news Titan veers into uncharted territory and rants on the subject of MUSIC: Guns ‘n’ Roses, Arm-Chair Quarterbacks and the influence of Heavy Metal.




9 thoughts on “Wild West Radio #23: Not In This Lifetime

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      1. For some reason when I posted this show the automatic email notifications did not go out…. No biggie probably just an Internet anomaly.


  1. Not a Axel Rose fan in any shape or form but a vocal range five octaves from I believe to be F1 to Bb6, has there ever been a vocal artist (female or male) with that range in recorded history?
    If there is I am unaware, correct me if I am wrong.


    1. Not an Axel fan???

      Guns n Roses, is probably my favorite band of all time. Maybe because I was an 80’s kid, IDK, something about their sound just pulled me in right off the bat!


      1. Ya man their was some serious magic struck when those guys got together… They completely changed the course of the genre by creating the right sound at the right time. And Axl is just one of those people who is a perfect mix of qualities that make for a great lead singer: dangerous, explosive, unpredictable yet charismatic, genuine, and glimpses of vulnerable which makes it all real. Undeniably the guy is doing exactly what he was made to do.


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