White Christian Suburban Mom Tearfully Recites ‘Offensive’ Rap Song She Heard On The Radio.
Here are this women’s crimes:
1. She’s a MOM
2. She’s a WHITE MOM
3. She’s a ‘Christian’ (code for married in a normal ‘heterosexual’  family union NOT a hipster Double Income No Kids economic union) WHITE MOM.
I refrain from repeating the bark of the trained seals ‘traditional’ in describing family.
Hell a man a woman children, there is absolutely NOTHING  ‘traditional’ about it.
It’s natural, it is the ONLY family Mother Nature allows to survive.
4. She’s a WHITE ‘Christian’ SUBURBAN MOM, this equates to her husband (WHITE MALE) despite illegals, affirmative action (code word for economic terrorism upon all heterosexual alpha males but white males in particular) earns enough money they together can prioritize resulting in raising children in a safe, clean, good schools, healthy environment, giving them the best opportunities for success as they can.
NOT flying their fat-asses around the world to sample the local cuisine some how equating it as experiencing the culture.
5. WHY hasn’t SHE been emerged into this 24/7 degenerate entertainment to just now notice?
Something is wrong with this person, she has either been on mars or has (blasphemy) no cable?

This woman is ridiculed on the internet as some how krazy, old fashioned, TOO’WHITE’, hypocritical.

[read here]

As Paul Topete constantly reminds me, ‘Its hard to stay sane in an insane world’.

The charge is,  parents are always claiming youth is being corrupted by the music and entertainment of the day.

HMMMMMM………were those parents on to something?


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