NFL TV Ratings continue to drop… as sports writers, commentators, and executives scramble for answers (excuses).

As the season enters its 7th week this Sunday, NFL executives (and everyone else covering this feminized, boring game) are searching for answers as to why their shitty product is now in an absolute free fall.

Just a few weeks back the league suffered a drop of 10% in ratings. After week 6, that drop ballooned to over 15%, which has a lot of folks in the industry concerned.

According to Harry Jessell, a writer at TVNewsCheck… “There are many theories as to why, but I would trace it to the Trump phenomenon.”

“Whether you like him or not, the man is leading a revolution — primarily of white working class males — against the establishment, of which the NFL is an entertainment cornerstone.


With its $20 parking and $10 beers, seat licenses and high prices for bad seats, the NFL long ago left its original blue collar backers far behind.”

The gender demographics among viewers and fans has also changed in recent years, with a HUGE increase among women.

A game that was once 90/10, 80/20 among male to female viewership, has now become about 50/50.

With the league softening up its image to appeal to women, changing the rules, throwing a ridiculous amount of flags, fining players for what used to be considered standard hits, implementing pink uniforms for breast cancer awareness, moving from a game of grit and power to one of speed, and adding in more elements of degenerate pop culture with Beyoncés anti-Cop, pro-BLM, black panther halftime show at last years Stuperbowl.

Not to mention… the amount of stoppage and over saturation of nauseating advertisements and commercials is enough to drive any thinking person (male or female) away from the game.

And now we have Anthem protests with radical left wing cultural Marxist agendas pushed on the field by “oppressed” millionaires playing a child’s game.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Oct. 11 found that 63% of white adults strongly disapprove of the Anthem protest and the politicization of their past time.

Trump himself blasted the NFL for being soft last year, and more recently this year blasted Kaepernick for his antics.

You think Trump voters are responding in suit, and boycotting the league? You better believe it!

The loss of viewership among adults 18-49, is not playing out across racial and economic lines however.


Much like the Trump campaign itself… the white working class is clearly leading the charge!

Viewership has dropped by a whopping 28% in white working class homes with less than $75,000 in annual income.

How much larger will it get?

And will it continue?

My guess among that key demographic is MUCH larger, and will it continue? YES!

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  1. I live in Australia and the exact same thing has happened to our national football code. I wish people would catch on and turn away from that nonsense. I wonder what it’s like in Europe with Soccer, although that’s already a pretty feminine game.


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