Will ‘Revolution’ or legitimate Secession movements follow if Trump loses, or more accurately, if the election is stolen?

Is anyone a believer here? If so where, by who, and in what capacity?

This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at Natural News.com.

Editor’s Comment: Take a look at the possibilities – Trump could win the popular vote, but lose badly in the electoral college, or the “official” vote tally, for popular and electoral could be called for Hillary; Trump might even win the electoral college… maybe. Either which way this thing goes, there are going to be millions and millions of angry voters in this country, and there is no sense of normalcy at all. Things are at fever pitch, and the country is at a revolutionary point.

There is a usurper at work stealing the election – or so it would appear – and there is every chance that patriotic Americans aren’t going to stand for it. Whether they remain peaceful or not, there very well could be a clash with the police state, the establishment and their loyal media cohorts. Things could get very ugly in this country, and the constitutional republic may well be past the point of resuscitation. If there is violence, it may be staged; but either way this could be the kick off point from which we can never return. Then again, there is always the chance that life will go on, not too much differently then it always has… but that seems to be a very low chance. What do you think will happen?

ANALYSIS: Election outcome scenarios reveal 95% chance of widespread post-election violence… streets of America to run red with blood

by Mike Adams

My ANALYSIS of possible outcomes from the upcoming presidential election reveals that America only has a 5% chance of remaining peaceful after November 8. This does not mean the violence will occur on November 9th, but rather that events will be set into motion on that day which will lead to an escalation of violence (95% chance, see below).

Here are the scenarios I see unfolding, all based on the best available information right now:

Scenario #1) Trump wins popular vote

There are three sub-scenarios under this outcome:

Scenario 1A (10% chance): Trump wins popular vote, but democrats steal electoral vote to claim victory, overriding the voters

Even though Donald Trump wins the popular vote, the democrats have bribed enough electoral college representatives to sway the vote to Clinton, even in contradiction to their own states’ voters.

Should this occur, expect mass protests, violence, bloodshed and many legal challenges in those states where the electoral college votes do not reflect the popular vote. There is no question that the Trump-supporting citizens of America will not accept a “rigged” election outcome where the electoral college votes are essentially stolen from the People. This would very quickly escalate into armed citizens marching in the streets and occupying key government buildings in an armed revolution against corruption.

Scenario 1B (60% chance): Obama declares Trump victory invalid, claiming the Russians hacked the vote

In my analysis, this is the most likely outcome of the upcoming election, and the democrats have been planting this narrative in advance with ridiculous claims that “the Russians” are running Wikileaks and that Trump is a “Putin puppet” (direct claim from Hillary Clinton in the third debate).

The purpose of all this is to create the narrative where a Trump victory can be declared invalid by Obama. Despite all the talk among democrats about how much they love and respect democracy, the simple truth is that they deeply hate it (and don’t trust it). There is almost no chance that Obama and the Clintons will voluntarily cede power to Donald Trump.

If Obama declares a Trump victory invalid, all hell breaks loose across the nation, with leftists going “full terrorism” and patriots taking up arms to defend democracy against the anti-American traitors in Washington D.C.

Scenario 1C (5% chance): Democrats accept the Trump victory and agree to peacefully transition power.

Even if Obama and the Clintons admit defeat and agree that Donald Trump is the next President, the liberal voters go nuts and begin firebombing buildings all across America. You’ll see mass riots breaking out everywhere. Obama can then use this to declare Martial Law and, if he wishes, postpone the transfer of power to Donald Trump (or blame him for all the violence, of course).

Remember, the democrats are already running mass staged violence across America (ProjectVeritasAction.com). They can easily stage riots, arson, bombings and much more in order to maximize chaos in the streets.

Scenario #2) Clinton wins popular vote

Based on current information (and considering just how much the “official” polls are completely rigged by deliberately oversampling democrats), in my analysis, there is only a 25% total chance that Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote. Here are the sub-scenarios under that 25%:

Scenario 2A (20% chance): Clinton wins the reported vote, but Trump challenges the validity of the election results

This scenario very likely starts with legal challenges to the mass election fraud, but could quickly escalate to a military coup or an armed citizens’ revolt where outraged Americans literally march on Washington and depose the corrupt regime in power.

Expect huge bloodshed in this scenario. There is no question that roughly half of America simply cannot and will not accept Hillary Clinton as their president. She is too corrupt, too evil and too dangerous to maintain the consent of the governed. (Hillary Clinton is a serial criminal who must be indicted and imprisoned if America is to remain anything resembling a legitimate nation that respects law.)

Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, everyone with a working brain now knows the democrats are hopelessly corrupt and deeply invested in widespread voter fraud to steal the White House.

Scenario 2B (5% chance): Trump accepts the election results and tells supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton

If Clinton wins and Trump admits she won fair and square (which seems VERY unlikely), he could publicly call for everyone to back down and accept the Clinton presidency.

I see the chance of this at only 5%. And even then, so many conservatives and patriots are going to be so angry at this outcome that they may decide to stage their own peaceful protests.

95% chance of mass violence in one form or another

The upshot of all this is that I see only a 5% chance of a peaceful, non-violent outcome to this election. In most conceivable scenarios, America descends into mass violence of one form or another.

This is a direct result of the extreme polarization of political beliefs in America today, where we have an entire class of illiterate, ignorant Hillary Clinton supporters who only watch CNN and have no idea whatsoever that the Clintons are corrupt criminals. Witness the depth of the democrats’ corruption in this Project Veritas veritas (part 3), just released today:

On the other side, we have informed, awake Americans who understand how this election is their very last chance to restore democracy by voting against the corrupt establishment.

These two groups cannot reason with each other. They cannot compromise, and frankly, you can’t even reason with democrats anymore because they are all so propagandized and brain damaged that they have utterly abandoned the very concept of “facts.” (To them, a “fact” is anything Hillary Clinton says, while a “lie” is anything Donald Trump says.)

We are so far beyond the realm of reason that democrats are now essentially running America like a massive political CULT steeped in delusion and mental illness. Believing in the lies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has very nearly become a psychiatric disorder, as their ideas are rooted in such lunacy that only a mentally ill person could possibly believe them (or vote for them).

In essence, this vote on November 8th is not merely a vote to find out whether America will reject the insane corruption of Hillary Clinton, it’s also a vote to find out whether the American people have collectively lost their minds.

If Clinton wins, it means we will all find ourselves living in a society of mentally ill zombies and cultists who are a danger to everyone (including themselves).

The global debt collapse will be initiated no matter who wins

Importantly, no matter who wins, the global debt collapse is imminent, which means the entire scam of Big Government, endless growth and high entitlement payouts is going to come to a catastrophic end. And that’s mathematically guaranteed to unfold no matter who wins the presidency.

Make sure you understand the if Donald Trump wins and takes office, the central bankers of the world will deliberately crash the system so that Donald Trump can be blamed for everything.

6 thoughts on “Will ‘Revolution’ or legitimate Secession movements follow if Trump loses, or more accurately, if the election is stolen?

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  1. Sounds to me, like we need to cut to the chase, anyways. The only revolution that stands a chance, if Trump is stumped after the election, is a “Trained Hands” version. Some of our people have skill-sets, that may have to take the snake’s head off. Such a tactic, would save millions of lives.


    1. I think I’ll have to cover this indepth on the next show to talk about what our “revolution” will be, and must be, if our nightmare comes true. So many elements to this.


  2. The system is not designed for revolution, the military is bred to accept civilian authority alleviating the chore of day to day governing, just keep em happy with the latest toys of war.
    The middle class who perform the day to day managing, operation, law and order, and executing the governments directives will not fight or are ineffective as fighters they have too much to lose and are afraid of dying.
    The working class will fight, will die, but are too stupid, too poor to lead, manage, maintain, and execute a successful revolution and it’s aftermath.
    When the pressure cooker starts to overheat you let loose the criminal elements upon society until they cry for law and order, then you increase police and crack down.
    You start a shooting war to send the agitated working class youth, send the middle class youth to college where they can get high, march around in circles protesting, and fucking their brains out.
    You infiltrate the protesting middle class youth, exploit their self importance and hubris pushing and leading them further left.
    Allow a fresh face conservative globalist (Rubio type) to win over the mature populace while positioning more control over the assets of the nation.
    Final faze is to follow up with a totally controlled Left/Right dynasty while slowly shearing the sheep to a new level of accepted poverty and control as you replace them importing a more complacent, pliable breed.
    The people have never shown the patience and determination of the generational grind it takes towards building a solid broad power base to challenge, share, and then take over the power structure.

    Mr. Trump is a fluke as well as a phenomena, he is the plank thrown between the divide of Them and us allowing a unnatural, unplanned, blessing but real shortcut path to those who might be so bold as to take power.
    Most people haven’t a clue as to the forces against Mr. Trump and what he represents, we are threatened with global financial collapse, nuclear war, and civil unrest.
    But as powerful a threat those catastrophic events may be, it is a handful of droopy titted women claiming they were ‘touched’ or ‘bumped’ that might induce the largest privileged class that has ever existed in mankind’s history to stop the unstoppable, 30 and under miserable women raised on affirmative action, falseness of equality, maintained by a welfare state and the dickless feminized weak males raised by previous generations of miserable single women and weak males.
    I can just imagine years ago in designing stages of the welfare state some technocrat geek giving his presentation for a miserable woman and weak male component there may have been doubters.
    Those doubters are more than likely praying to whatever superstitious and perverse entity they conjure up in times of panic that the miserable women and their weak male counterpart come through.

    Get out there and Just Win Baby Just Win.


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