Islam is destroying Sweden! Ok… then where are the men in Sweden that oppose it?

Pat Condell (YouTuber) “Islam is destroying Sweden.”

Ok Pat… I think we got it for the 49,000th time!!! But tell me this Patty Boy… what are the men of Sweden doing to stop it? What have they done in the past? What’s their course of action going forward? What’s the damn solution? This guy exemplifies the problem with white men. They bitch and bitch and bitch some more… as Trump says… “All talk, but no action.”


If the men of Sweden refuse to fight, and they can’t confront this clearly identified problem in a country the size of New Jersey, they all deserve to fucking die!

4 thoughts on “Islam is destroying Sweden! Ok… then where are the men in Sweden that oppose it?

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  1. “A lot of emails from Sweden, especially women who say they no longer feel safe in their own country and are afraid to say anything about it publicly for fear of the consequences.”
    Women are equal to men and it is THEIR responsibility to PROTECT THEMSELVES.
    Remember the EVIL white male and his patriarchy needed to be replaced by a big mommy welfare matriarchy.

    “That doesn’t sound like the open liberal society we all know and admire.”
    Well uh, YES you friggin MORON, this IS EXACTLY how a “open liberal society” behaves and was designed to do.

    “among the nearly 200,000 economic migrants and welfare parasites Sweden is taking in this year in defiance of all common sense and sanity….”

    Swedes have for over 100 years been sticking their stuck up moral socialist nose in other nations and societies internal affairs and business.

    ENJOY….BWAHAHAHAHAHA bunch of beta male pussies.


  2. Exactly, joenorthpal, since Charles the XII ( who once conquered qurter of Russia, they have been pacified pussies and ‘do-goodies’. I still love swedish culture because of their humanism and strong work ethic, but that has gone out the window at least since the seventies. Nature will punish everyone for their sins, thats why i love it. It’s just circle of life.


  3. I think a great many of the Swedish men are MGTOW. Libtards led by Jews hate whites (Gentiles) and want all white men dead. The only way to curb this is to allow them to get exactly what they say they want. Opt out is a concept women don’t understand. We do not need to provide everything chicks consume? “real man”? shamming tactics aren’t working any more. “successful” Why work hard to pay lots of taxes for the care of people who hate you? If white women will turn on their own race and all the men who have given her everything she has consumed her entire life, then we are a race that should go extinct.


  4. It is called censorship with teeth. Police States can charge you for a hate crime if you have a protected class of aggressors. They have criminalized microaggression and the connecting words that do not comply.


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