As the election nears… Blacks continue to off themselves in record numbers. Chicago has now surpassed 600 murders. Still 2 months to go!

{Chicago Tribune} – A bloody year for Chicago hit a new low this past weekend as 17 people were fatally shot, marking the deadliest weekend so far this year and pushing homicides past the 600 mark for the first time since 2003.

Beginning with 50 killings in January, violence has erupted in 2016 at levels unseen since the 1990s. Even with the end of summer, typically the year’s most violent stretch, no letup has occurred. Not counting Halloween, October saw 76 homicides, 2 1/2 times the 30 killings a year earlier.

One thing they still do right in Chiraq is mimic and rip off ancient white European folklore, traditions, and cultural celebrations {i.e. Halloween, Samhain}. As they murder each other in record numbers!

The shootings over the last weekend came as Chicago police shifted resources to accommodate the crowds in and around Wrigley Field on the North Side for the Cubs’ three home World Series games. But Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the department was not caught short-handed in the South and West Side neighborhoods where the bulk of the violence took place.

“We had canceled days off as well as (required) 12-hour shifts over the entire weekend, so I’m confident that we had the resources out there,” he said.

The violent final weekend of October pushed homicides to 614 as of midnight Sunday, in excess of 200 more than the same year-earlier period and the most at the 10-month mark since 1997, official Police Department records show.


In addition, shooting incidents for the year are closing in on 3,000, a 46 percent jump from 2,044 a year earlier, according to the department statistics. At least 3,662 people have been shot, 1,106 more than a year earlier, according to a Tribune analysis.

In addition to the 17 fatally shot between Friday afternoon and early Monday, another 42 were wounded. It was the deadliest weekend since 13 were slain and 46 were wounded over Father’s Day. The last weekend in August saw 11 killed and 56 others wounded.

Seven of the 17 people who were killed this past weekend were younger than 20.


The youngest, 14-year-old Demarco Webster Jr., was shot at about 1:20 a.m. Saturday while helping his father move out of a building in the 500 block of South Central Avenue, according to police and relatives.


At about 3:15 a.m. Sunday, 17-year-old twins Edward and Edwin Bryant were killed in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Old Town neighborhood. Police responding to calls about gunfire found one of the boys lying on the sidewalk in the 400 block of West Evergreen Avenue and the other around the corner in the 1300 block of North Hudson Avenue. Both had been shot several times and were pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

In what may be only an odd coincidence, the families of both the twins and Demarco knew one another from living next door in town homes in the 700 block of South Kedzie Avenue in the East Garfield Park community, though their killings took place elsewhere.

Police said the shootings appear unrelated and that none of the three victims were believed to be gang members — though the twins were with individuals who were gang-affiliated.

This is your future under Crooked Mao Jr. folks… Get out the vote!


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