Will the Electoral Map be a Sea of Red, a Trump Nation? PTD predicts…

After looking over the electoral map, I see a couple of different out comes, but three states are critical, for a Trump victory: We must have Florida, Ohio, and either North Carolina or Pennsylvania. Because of major demographic shifts… Virginia might be off the table.

However, a few other “Blue States” are definitely in play for Trump:




If he picks off anyone of these, it’s game over for Crooked Mao Jr.

And then we have (2) long shots in there that I think he can surprise and grab as well:

Virginia? (as mentioned before)

and yes… New Jersey! (I don’t give a fuck what the polls say)

I say New Jersey because neither candidate has campaigned much in the state at all. It’s up for grabs. And major demographic shifts have occurred here in recent years.


Simply put, Black folks are leaving the state of New Jersey. This trend began in the late 90s and has only accelerated since that time.


Blacks have been leaving in massive droves… moving south to Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia.


Furthermore… Ocean County, Monmouth County, most of Northern NJ, Bergen County, and especially NW Jersey will be solid red Tuesday.


Driving around this state, looking at yard signs (all of them Trump/Pence), talking to folks in democratic strongholds that are either sitting this one out, strictly voting local, or going for the commie Jill Stein (Green Party) is very telling.


The only areas of “strong” Clinton support will be in the shitholes of Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Trenton, and Camden. All non-white majority, democratic hell holes! The question is… how “strong” and enthusiastic will that vote be? My guess is not nearly as strong as it was for the long legged Mac Daddy, Obama.

So Yes, New Jersey is a possibility!


Anything’s possible… who knows… the Garden State, may actually gain back its charm?

Add all this together… and I’m predicting: Trump 302, Clinton 236


If it’s an even wider majority for Trump with upsets in NJ, VA, MN, MI, and WI we get 365 to 173.


Either way… We’ll take it!

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