Breaking down America’s Electorate… White Americans clearly won the Election for Donald Trump!

After all this talk about record breaking numbers… it was actually the exact opposite. Voter turnout was way down this year, near its lowest point in two decades. Roughly 126 million people voted, meaning that about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year.

Pretty pathetic!

That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out.

But one thing is surely clear…

White people of nearly all ages, genders, and education levels elected Trump. The White vote was nearly 10 percentage points higher than it was in 2008. The only exception was college-educated white women. No surprise there, however, the numbers for Clinton only came in at a mere 51 percent compared to Trumps 45.

Heres the breakdown for WHITES:


White Men (No College Degree)

72% Trump, 23% Clinton

White Men (College Degree)

54% Trump, 39% Clinton


White Women (No College Degree)

62% Trump, 34% Clinton

White Women (College Degree)

45% Trump, 51% Clinton


Young Whites (18-29)

48% Trump, 43% Clinton

Here’s the non-white vote:

For all this outreach and time wasted on so called “Latinos” they only accounted for 11% of the electorate… the same as 2012.

“Latino” Vote:

Trump 29%, Clinton 70%

And then we get to the long sought after black vote.

All that work put in by Trump… trips to the black church, conferences with black leaders, all the promises of billions more in spending on the inner cities, the promise of safer neighborhoods… and what does he get?

Black Vote:

Trump 8%, Clinton 88%

All in all this was a very tight election folks. Changes must be made, and new strategies must be developed over the next four years in order to sure up more of the white vote!

It’s now clear that non-whites will NEVER crossover to vote Republican, in any kind of significant numbers.

White voters went for Trump over Clinton by 21 percentage points (58% to 37%), according to the exit poll conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool.

That’s a sizable margin, but it’s not nearly as dramatic as the other groups. By 2020 the White vote must come in closer to 65 percent.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t!

If every other group votes as a damn racial block, it’s about time whites do to!

10 thoughts on “Breaking down America’s Electorate… White Americans clearly won the Election for Donald Trump!

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  1. Those rise in numbers MUST come from the young whites (millennials) white women in particular.
    45 and over WON this election, we MUST straighten out the 30 and under, especially single women.
    Stop immigration and deport (NO AMNESTY) will improve those numbers eliminating a lot of illegal voting fraud.
    Voter ID MUST be pushed and secured at the state level.
    Lately I have heard a lot of talk on radio media about new, smarter, equitable, voter requirements, most repeated one is a call for disqualifying welfare recipients.
    We should push that, make lots of noise, flood the internet, radio call in shows and get on and KEEP ON our legislatures ass for responsible changes 4 responsible voters.


    1. Agree Joe, but black men don’t generally vote. They did for Obama, mostly for historical significance in 08, but many of them stayed the fuck home this time around.


      1. The ones that stayed home was like a 2fer for the ones who got out and voted for Trump.
        But the whole problem there is weak black men, the black woman votes over 90% for the state.
        Those same black women married to the plantation is raising those kids and doing a LOUSY job.
        Voter reform, disqualifying welfare recipients would turn this nation back around and permanently kill off the left.


      2. There is a lot more to it then media propaganda. The left get degrees and embed into law and academia from administration to educators. The left get involved and get their comrades elected through out all levels of government. The left get into foundations usurping billions in resources. The left do not spend all their time whining on the internet, watching TV and sports.

        Dismissing the left’s dedication and hard work is a fatal flaw of so-called ‘right’, ‘nationalists’, any and all opposition.

        President Trump’s monumental effort to oppose the left is a great example of what it takes.

        We can see part of Hillary Clinton’s failure in the fact she became too dedicated in enhancing personal wealth, she lost touch with the plantation slaves.

        The biggest and most important factor for the left’s success is our indifference to holding and maintaining power, lack of parenting lack of financial support while at the same time funding all of the lefts apparatuses.

        Suicide NOT genocide.


      3. Don’t get caught being short sighted.
        A campus doesn’t just become a bastion of liberal propaganda.
        It takes years of consistent hard work, and the leftist have been out working us.
        If we don’t match up against them, which we haven’t been doing, they will eventually win.


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