The DemoRats are looking for a New “Leader.” Whites need not Apply!

After garnering 45% of the college educated white vote and peeling off 30% of the non-college educated vote in 2016, some Democrats feel that it’s now time to purge whites from leadership roles altogether. Former Sanders aide… Symone Sanders (radical black feminist), just happens to be one of them leading the charge…

“In my opinion, we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now. The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels from the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC.”

As PTD predicted months ago… the Democrat party is now in the middle of a serious transition and political purge, as they move the party further to the hard left. Soon these rats will openly embrace a hardcore form of Marxism/Communism.

3 thoughts on “The DemoRats are looking for a New “Leader.” Whites need not Apply!

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  1. I’m in agreement. Let them do to the political environment, what they did to their own, physical environments. We Whites will clean up after their mess, and rules as Kings as we once did.


  2. Gentlemen this one will blow you away it looks like the DemoRats are trapped like rats read why
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  3. Well they got this damn crazy at the end of the 60’s, first they attempt physical then political usurpation and settle for destabilizing minorities with economic ransom (state benefits) while embedding in education and culture, so this is nothing new.
    They are concentrating on the votes in the womb (3rd world legal and illegal immigrants), their care and feeding (expansion of welfare benefits).
    They have the weakest (current college educated middle class millennials and their children) European generation under heel.
    They believe the numbers reflect their future (a brown America in 20 years) as (hope & change) bright.
    There are a few things that can not only thwart them but stop them dead in their tracks.
    Nationalism, this can result in an end to immigration as well as a shift of non-whites to conservatism (right) and stability (creating a fertile environment for a baby boom).
    Economics, how local economies are shielded from (end of globalism) international influences(trade agreements) and disruptions (economic meltdowns/bailouts ala Greece, Venezuela, etc).
    What forms will these take, will we continue the 1930’s FDR welfare state or embrace free enterprise, less ( rent seeking) regulated competition and smaller government.
    How will the Federal Government (we are again responsible for choosing and holding them accountable) handle international relations, will they continue entanglements (militarily and economic) only concerned with maintaining dominate influence (corporate interests) at the expense of national (domestic) interests.
    What will our relationship with international banking cartels be or if they will continue at all, remember there is a $550 Trillion dollar global derivatives bubble about to burst (the bulk held by American based too big to fail banks) they expect the globe to submerge into serfdom to bail them out.
    There is the easy destructive left side to this equation or the constructive methodical task oriented right side to this equation, which solution is YOUR CULTURE suited for?


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