#Pizzagate – Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Are sick gay fags and pedos entrenched in our Government?

This is NOT a CONspiracy website, and we’ve been very hesitant to cover this story, but after looking at this #Pizzagate shit for over a month now… there’s definitely something BIG behind this scandal.

And as a parent, what I’m coming across is very hard to read and look at…

The artwork alone is enough to make you throw up. I think we all knew that sick gay fags we’re all over DC. But did we know or at least suspect that it was wash full of pedophiles???


I think we’re about to uncover a MASSIVE scandal with this investigation. Take another (2) looks at John Podesta… this guy is definitely a fag… and probably much worse. If you had to take a bet on this guy being a pedo or not, which side would you wager on? I know the side I’d be on.

And here’s the owner of the now infamous Comet PingPong Pizza:


James Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong Owner. Tell me this guy doesn’t look like a Pedo?

Something isn’t right here. As much as I hate CONspiracy theories, I think this falls into the category of criminal investigation at this point. What do you guys think?



Here are some of the Tweets and “Artwork” involved…


And a few more videos associated with this disgusting shit:

5 thoughts on “#Pizzagate – Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Are sick gay fags and pedos entrenched in our Government?

Add yours

  1. It takes a village(people{pedo}) to raise a child.
    It started with accepting (mental sickness) homos as alternative {lifestyle} and presto Weimar culture.
    So what’s the big shock?
    Big government, wealth concentration, uncontrolled immigration/migration,heavy license/regulation,heavy taxes,free market enterprise replaced by rent seeking elites/central planning, large unemployment,welfare, democracy/Ochlocracy, moral degeneracy, brought down Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Russian, societies.
    But at best they weren’t racist.
    One man One vote One shot Two kills.


    1. I think what throws folks like us off this shit is all the speculation and literal interpretation of blood rituals and sacrifice and spooky “satanism.”

      Isn’t it just possible that we’re dealing with a MASS of sick gay fags in our government that like to fuck kids, rape kids, torture kids…?

      Why does this always have to involve all this other intricate esoteric shit, that just makes it look like crank pot stuff?

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  2. This is nothing new, pedophilia has always been ‘privilege’ of the wealthy, while they tell to poor masses for need to be humble and hard working. They can have all the women they like, and they wan’t always more and more, so that eventually leads to human sacrifice and sex with underage children… Esoterics etc… occult verbose is just cream on top of a cake.

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