Wake Up You Millennial Retards! Let PTD light a fire under your Ass! {Listen Now}

They’ll never admit it… but a HUGE chunk of Millennials out there… White Men (mostly) on the Internet… CANNOT handle the real truth. They come to the internet to massage their dicks and have their “feelings” validated. They hang out on bitch corners and Jew chase and spend countless hours on unproductive websites that empower them to do NOTHING other than bitch bicker and complain about their current lot.

This is due to the fact that many (not all) but many have not achieved any real success in life yet, nor do they have much (if any) skin in the game at all (a girlfriend, a wife, children, property, a business, a real job, wealth, etc.).

Many of these Millennial retards, don’t actually want any responsibility at all. They want a crutch, they want an excuse, and they don’t want to make any real sacrifices in life. THIS MUST CHANGE and IT HAS TO CHANGE NOW! Over these next 4-8 years we have to turn these boys into Men. We have a Rightwing Cultural Revolution brewing in America. We must not let it go to waste. We need to capitalize on this opportunity NOW.

But without the return of our men… nothing will come of it. Men must lead and conquer. Without a return to a masculine culture with a dominant Patriarchal Society, Western Civilization is doomed. But Patriarchy MUST BE EARNED, it doesn’t arrive here with memes and twitter hashtags. And it’s definitely not given to a bunch of weak white fags playing video games in the basement.

The time is NOW. Therefore we have to inspire these millennials (and all of our young men) and groom them to become the Kings that nature, the Gods, and our ancestors intended them to be!



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