PTD Motivation Rant: “Women & Online Dating”

PTD Motivation Rant: “Women & Online Dating”

3 thoughts on “PTD Motivation Rant: “Women & Online Dating”

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  1. Tough topic, but I haven’t really much experience in the dating scene in my youth, (drafted early came home a bit older then found mine early).
    But as I remember there was a shift (I guess there are reasons for the shift) to guys looking to meet women in the bar scene, might have been the disco craze or the de-industrialization/break up of the ethnic enclaves that pushed the working class into the suburbs. Marriage has been delayed and chances of marrying a girl you knew growing up seems to be a fading memory.
    But then my limited observation of the behavior and morality of HS/College girls there is a good chance you wouldn’t want and she wouldn’t want you to know her past.
    So as everything, no matter what crap they try to push in schools or entertainment it all comes down to the breakdown the family unit and parenting. Odds favor Successful family/home produces successful children.


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