PTD Motivation Rant: Life is Great!

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4 thoughts on “PTD Motivation Rant: Life is Great!

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  1. I originally listened to Truth Militia soon after you guys started. It was a Sunday night ritual for me. I would sit back, have a little drink and tune in, always an enriching evening. I wrote an email or two, and even managed to call in briefly once. I really appreciate all you ever did and by happenstance I found this site. So very relieved to backtrack through your articles and PTD podcasts. I am hoping to hear a lot more of them because what you are saying is very important. Thank you for all you do.


    1. With kids 3 and under, it’s EASY. She does 80% of the work with them, so by the time they’re in bed asleep, she’s more than ready for sleep. Weekends are tougher, and that’s when I break, give in, and release! Longest I Go is about 3 weeks MAX…. at that point, my TESS and GH and Sex Drive is higher than it was as a fucking kid!


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