PTD Radio: Episode#74 – Taking It All Back!” {Listen Now}

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #74

Taking It All Back!

On this LONG weekend edition of PTD Radio I talked about the FBI reopening their case against Clinton. Why I think it was done, and what it means going forward? I also answered a question from Dave (a listener in Ohio) on what to do with Liberal family members? I’m not sure if you’ll like the answer. I talked more about why I personally gave up watching “professional” sports and how the culture in changing in regards to what we choose to value now because of the Trump Movement. It’s not just political. Hard working blacks for Trump, house Negroes for Clinton! Michael Moore making sense for once in his shallow life? The assault on white students at college campuses. Worthless Cucks in Sweden and Germany. MooSlim “American” Rant on the American Flag. And an absolute obliteration of Frank Luntz… hint… It wasn’t very nice.  All of this and more… A short segment of this show is posted FREE below, the full show & MP3 Download however will be posted shortly in the PTD Members Section and on the PTD Resurgence Media Network Page.




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Wake Up You Millennial Retards! Let PTD light a fire under your Ass! {Listen Now}

They’ll never admit it… but a HUGE chunk of Millennials out there… White Men (mostly) on the Internet… CANNOT handle the real truth. They come to the internet to massage their dicks and have their “feelings” validated. They hang out on bitch corners and Jew chase and spend countless hours on unproductive websites that empower them to do NOTHING other than bitch bicker and complain about their current lot.

This is due to the fact that many (not all) but many have not achieved any real success in life yet, nor do they have much (if any) skin in the game at all (a girlfriend, a wife, children, property, a business, a real job, wealth, etc.).

Many of these Millennial retards, don’t actually want any responsibility at all. They want a crutch, they want an excuse, and they don’t want to make any real sacrifices in life. THIS MUST CHANGE and IT HAS TO CHANGE NOW! Over these next 4-8 years we have to turn these boys into Men. We have a Rightwing Cultural Revolution brewing in America. We must not let it go to waste. We need to capitalize on this opportunity NOW.

But without the return of our men… nothing will come of it. Men must lead and conquer. Without a return to a masculine culture with a dominant Patriarchal Society, Western Civilization is doomed. But Patriarchy MUST BE EARNED, it doesn’t arrive here with memes and twitter hashtags. And it’s definitely not given to a bunch of weak white fags playing video games in the basement.

The time is NOW. Therefore we have to inspire these millennials (and all of our young men) and groom them to become the Kings that nature, the Gods, and our ancestors intended them to be!



The Donald Trump Movement is a Cultural Revolution. A True Revival of what made America Great!

What has happened in America over the last year is nothing less than a cultural revolution. Only this time… it’s a revolution made up of a large coalition between the populist; nationalist; traditionalist; working class; paleoconservative; libertarian; constitutionalist; anti-PC; and Alt-right in America!

All of these groups and ideologies have set aside their differences and have united behind one man and one movement.

After yesterday’s show, I sat here last night watching a Trump Rally in Arizona, and right before my very eyes… I saw the America I once knew as kid, reborn again!

Three incredible things happened yesterday…

The 1st was witnessing a beautiful, intelligent 13 Year-Old blonde girl bring down the house in Arizona with an impassioned speech, that riled up the crowd at the Trump Rally.

This impressive young lady reminded all of us about what this country was, and what this country should, and will be, under a Trump Presidency. Here give a listen:

What were you doing at age 13? How many of you would’ve had the stones to do what this all American young lady just did?

Meanwhile the decaying dinosaur media was at it again, trying to save every last ounce of “creditability” they have left by releasing some more voter suppression propaganda, or what they like to call “polls.”


After showing a Clinton lead of 12 points (some recently as high as 14 points), now all of sudden… according to the sycophants at ABC and the Washington Post… that “lead” has shrunk to 2 points. Yeah right!

Not that it matters though… as it’ll all be over on November 8th when Trump is elected in a landslide, and that remaining “creditability” comes crashing down, lost forever in the ash bins of history. Cable News? CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX… What’s that? How long did they last? Long enough to destroy millions of minds and fuck up the country!


In enters the Donald… to crush these maggots once again. And crush em he did! And this was the death blow.

Trump said yesterday that the Mainstream Media Will Die after the election…. “Boy are they going to die in the ratings after this election is over. Man. Are they going to die. Are they going to die when they call and I say thank you, no interest.

Is this all a dream?

For those of you that’ve been here long enough… you’ll remember that PTD RADIO pushed the concept of a “cultural revolution” from our side well over a year ago!

Someone pinch me, cause it looks like my dreams… and your dreams, are coming true!

The Donald Trump movement is a cultural revolution. A True American Revival of what made this nation the greatest country on the planet!

Making Our Grandparents Great Again!

Growing up as a kid I had amazing Grandparents. I never would’ve been the man I am today without their wisdom, knowledge, guidance, and time they put in with me. They were kick ass Grandparents, that I still think about nearly everyday of my life. That’s how much I loved them, that’s how important they were to me. And I want everyone of our children to have powerful, influential Grandparents in their lives. We must make our Grandparents Great Again!

Building Strong Families and Raising Healthy Children!


Our kids grow up so fast… it flys right before our eyes! The time and effort we put in during the early years are so critical it can’t be emphasized enough. In the coming months, as we’ve done in the past… relationship issues, raising our children right, and keeping our families intact will become a constant theme on this website and radio show. Restoring the family, improving our marriages, encouraging young folks to date and have children, and maintain  strong family values is vitally important. It has to be a HUGE part of what we do here at PTD. Read about the rest of our values and core principles in the recently Updated About Section!  Continue reading “Building Strong Families and Raising Healthy Children!”

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